Passive Investment opportunities in Kenya

Ever wondered what some people’s sources of income are? You could be sure that they neither have a regular job nor a business but yet they live a good life. How exactly do they earn their income? This article will introduce you to some of the opportunities that will work well as passive investment opportunities available in Kenya.


What you might not understand about them is that they could be investors of one or more available passive investment options. A lot of people have invested in passive investment opportunities in Kenya and are now reaping big. You can also earn passive income if you get dedicated and practice some patience and perseverance. This article will take you through a list of some of such great passive investment opportunities in Kenya that you can try.


Most of these passive investment opportunities would require you to put a little effort at the start, be consistent, and also be patient for a while. When your efforts finally start bearing fruits, you will earn an income for a long time without doing much or by doing nothing at all.

What Exactly is Passive Income?

Passive income is an income that you earn after putting in a little effort up front. That effort or investment will earn you consistent good returns later. Those regular returns are what we call passive income because you earn them without actively participating or breaking a sweat.


What you should also understand clearly is that passive income is not earned by doing absolutely nothing. There is a misconception about that. In simple terms, passive investment is the process of making your money work for you.


List of Some of the Best Passive Investment Ideas that You can Try in Kenya

Here are some of the best passive investment opportunities in Kenya. Some are online-based while others are not. For the online-based passive investments, you will have to register for an online payment account where you will be able to receive your payments. One of the best and widely used online payment platforms in Kenya is Paypal.


1.   Start a Blog

Blogging is one of the best passive investment opportunities in Kenya. All you need to do is start a blog, get it up and running, and sign up for an advertisement service such as Google Adsense.


To start a blog, first and foremost, you will have to look for a web host and a domain name. Many Kenyan and foreign companies offer those services. A web host is a company that sells its online space and provides enabling infrastructure for clients to run a website. You will have to pay for these services monthly or annually, depending on the web host’s terms.


The domain name on the other hand is your unique website address, for example, is the domain name for the website, A domain name doesn’t come free of charge. It has to be registered with a domain name registrar at a fee that is renewable annually. Several online companies offer such services. Some companies like Hostipinnacle offer reliable services for both web hosting services and domain name registration.

After finding a web host and successfully registering your domain name, your work is to now publish blog articles. Make sure you do this frequently and consistently until you start getting a good number of visits to your blog.


This should make your blog qualify for registration for an advertisement service like Google Adsense. With it, you will be paid to have your blog display advertisements for other companies. If you will have a good number of posts published on your blog, you will be able to earn passive income from them as long as they attract online visitors.

2.   Post Videos on YouTube

Posting videos on YouTube is another great way to earn passive income in Kenya. YouTube has enabled its users to easily monetize their YouTube channels.

You can do this by applying for a Youtube partner program. Your YouTube channel will be reviewed and once approved, you will be able to earn passive income from Google AdSense by displaying third-party advertisements on your channel. You must be at least 18 years and above or have a guardian who is above the age of 18 years. This is for the purpose of handling your payments from Google AdSense.

To succeed in this passive investment opportunity in Kenya, you will have to be very creative. Upload unique and quality videos that will attract many views. It is also advisable to stick to one niche and also be consistent. This way, you will be able to attract views from people interested in that particular niche.

Apart from revenue from advertisements on your YouTube channel, below are other ways that you can earn passive income from YouTube:

  • Channel memberships
  • Merch shelf
  • Youtube premium revenue
  • Superchat and super stickers


As long as your YouTube videos are attracting views, You will be able to earn passive income from them.

3.   Write Ebooks and Sell Them on Amazon Kindle

Amazon has an eBook selling platform known as Amazon Kindle, also Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). It is a great platform where Kenyan eBook publishers can sell their work. Anybody can register for the Amazon Kindle program for free, publish an eBook and start earning passive income from them as soon as possible.


After registration, choose a niche or field to write about. There are many categories to choose from. They include Business, Self-development, Science fiction, and comics, to name just a few. Publish your eBook and upload it on the platform.


Depending on the quality and the number of eBooks that you have for sale you can earn something like Ksh.10,000 to 40,000 per book in a month. What is even more appealing with it is that you, the publisher, are free to price your eBook at the best price that you think it should be sold at. Amazon will retain a percentage amount of money for every eBook that you sell.


Do not forget to promote your eBook after publishing it. You can do this through social media, email, and blog posts. This is to drive more prospective buyers to your eBook.


Publishing eBooks on KDP has proven to be one of the greatest passive investment opportunities in Kenya. This is because you can sell a single eBook to multiple users even long after its publication.


4.   Enroll for Government Treasury Bonds

A government treasury bond is one of the surest and safest passive investment opportunities that Kenyans can enroll in and get regular passive income. A treasury bond is the money that the government borrows from the public and pays back after a specified period with an interest.


One such program that Kenyans can join is the M-Akiba treasury bond. It is easy to join. You are only required to register and have a minimum of Ksh.3,000. You will earn an interest of 10% per annum, which is payable after six months.


Therefore, if you have some money that you haven’t decided on how to invest, you can make them work for you and earn some extra cash in six months.


5.   Build Rental Houses

Housing demand in Kenya, especially in urban areas, is very high. Building rental houses is one of the smartest moves you can make to be able to earn passive income.


First of all, you will have to identify a potential area where there is a shortage of rental houses. Buy a plot of land in the area. Buy all the required building materials and get to work. If the area has a high demand for rental houses, you will be surprised that people will start booking your houses before they are even completed.


When all the houses are occupied by tenants, every one of them will be paying monthly house rent to you. As long as the houses are occupied, you will be able to earn passive income every month.


6.   Join an Affiliate Program

Many companies rely on other people to market their products. These companies usually contract third-party companies such as Amazon and Jumia. They have affiliates that are registered on their platforms for the sole purpose of marketing their products.


Joining such affiliate programs is one of the best passive investment opportunities in Kenya. The good thing about them is that you don’t have to pay to enroll. The only work that is required of you is to market the products through special unique links that you will be given. You will have to share the links online via social media or blogs. When customers click on them and make purchases, you will be paid a percentage of the product sold.


As long as customers purchase products online through your links, you will be able to earn passive income any time, even when you are asleep.

7.   Buy and Sell Land

Unlike every other asset, land is a single asset that keeps appreciating. You can use this to your advantage as a passive investment opportunity in Kenya.


What you can do in this case is that if you have some fair amount of money that can buy land, don’t take it to the bank. Look for a piece of land for sale and buy it. After some time, almost a year later, the price of the land in that particular area will have increased. Sell the land and look for another piece of land whose price is cheaper and save the extra money received from the sale of the first piece of land.

Business Ideas with High Returns in Kenya that Anyone can Try

Do this repeatedly and you will realize that you will be earning a steady stream of passive income every year.


A passive investment opportunity isn’t in any way a means of earning money for doing nothing. You will realize that all the above passive investment opportunities will require you to invest first either with money or time. You will also have to be patient enough because it might take a while before you see some change.

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