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Best Pool Table Dealers in Kenya

Pool game is an exciting game played by two opponents on a pool table using Cue sticks and different numbered balls. It is enjoyed by many in Kenya and around the world. You can “kill” time playing it with your friends at home. All you need is to purchase a pool table from a dealer. In this article, we have made a list of the best pool table dealers in Kenya. This should help you choose a dealer whose prices suit your budget.


Apart from getting yourself a pool table for your home, a pool game business is a profitable venture to get into. A lot of people like to indulge themselves in this recreational activity. You will charge them a fee to compete while playing on your pool table, hence earning you a profit.


The cost of a pool table in Kenya ranges from Ksh.30,000 up to Ksh.100,000. But with less than Ksh.30,000, you can still get a second-hand pool table. Prices also depend on the quality and the material used to make the pool table.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Pool Table in Kenya

Before spending your hard-earned cash to purchase a pool table, here are some important tips and factors that you should consider first.

Material of the Pool Table

The qualities of the materials used to make the pool table are one of the most important factors you should consider first. The most common preferred material is slate marble top. It is a durable material that comes at a higher cost as compared to wood and plywood top pool tables.


Price of the Pool Table

Pool tables are normally priced according to the materials used in their construction. Durable and high-quality materials like slate would make the pool table cost more. However, some pool table dealers in Kenya would sell their items at higher prices regardless of the materials used.


Always make comparisons of prices from different pool table dealers in Kenya before making your decision to purchase it.


Transport Costs

Transport cost is also an important factor that you should not ignore. Pool tables are bulky items that might cost a fortune to transport.


While negotiating with the Pool table dealer of your choice, always factor in transport cost. It would be nice if they can offer free delivery of the item to your doorstep.

Nature of the Pool Table

You should consider buying a second-hand Pool table if your budget is tight. Ask the Pool table dealer whether they also sell used pool tables. They are normally sold at a cheaper price as compared to the new ones.

Pool Table Accessories

Naturally, new pool tables are sold together with their accessories like Triangles, Balls, and Cue sticks. Avoid pool table dealers that would try to sell you pool accessories separately from the pool table, unless they are dealing with second-hand pool tables.


List of Best Pool Table Dealers in Kenya

Having gone through the factors you should consider when buying a Pool table, here now is a list of some of the best Pool table dealers in Kenya.

1.   Pool Masters

Pool masters is one of the best Pool table dealers in Kenya that was established in 1997. They deal with different types of pool tables like wooden tables and Slate/Marble tables. They also sell Pool Table accessories such as Triangles, Pool balls, Tips, chalks, and tokens.


Apart from the East African market, their products are also exported to other countries in different parts of the world. They include Oman, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Ghana.


Pool masters have three branches in different regions in Kenya. The main branch which hosts the workshop is located along Juja road in Nairobi. The other two branches are found in Eldoret town, along Uganda road, and in Kisii town, along Kisumu road.


If you need to buy their products, visit their website, You can alternatively contact them via email: or telephone: 0721669064 or 0726929068.

2.   Bovic Pool Tables

Bovic is one of the best pool table manufacturers and distributors in Kenya. They have been in the business for the last 20 years. According to their website, the majority of the pool tables currently in use in the North Rift Valley region were manufactured by them.


They manufacture both coin and meter machine-based Pool tables. Pool tables with coin machines are each sold at Ksh. 55,000. One advantage of buying from Bovic is that they also offer online deliveries of their products.


Each pool table comes with:

  • Two Cue sticks
  • One set of balls
  • One Triangle
  • One Chalk


Bovic’s premises are located at Bihi Towers, along Moi Avenue in Nairobi. If you want their Pool tables or accessories, you can contact them via:


3. Marouns Enterprises Pool Tables

When it comes to the sale and distribution of quality pool tables and accessories, Marouns Enterprises Pool Tables is not left behind. They not only deal with pool tables but also Marineplex Plywood and gaming Slot Machines. Their products are available with free delivery across the country and in the East Africa region.


The price of a Marble Top Pool Table at Marouns Enterprises is Ksh. 75,000. On the other hand, a Wooden Top Pool Table goes for Ksh. 45,000.


Their premises are located along Kamunde road in Kariobangi, Nairobi. They also have plans to open another branch in Eldoret town in future.


If you need to purchase a Pool Table from them, you can contact them on their Facebook page. Alternatively, you can reach out to them through their email,, or give them a call on 0724219459.

4. Zion Pool Tables

Zion pool table is a Kenyan Pool table dealer based in Eldoret. It sells different types of imported and locally made pool tables as well as their accessories such as straight six coin machines which are sold at Ksh.15,000 each.


Need to buy a Pool table or accessories from them? They have a Facebook page where you can make your order. You can also contact them via their mobile number: 0720251452.

5. Gaming Africa

Gaming Africa is a Pool table dealer and distributor based in Nairobi. Its products are delivered to several East and Central African countries that include Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and South Sudan.


The price of a Pool table at Gaming Africa is Ksh.39,999.


It has a Facebook page where you can make your order. You can also make a phone call on 0726069065.

6. Pool Tables Kenya

Pool Tables Kenya is a well-known dealer of imported tournament-standard pool tables of high quality at affordable rates.


The prices of their wooden top and marble/slate top Pool tables range from Ksh.37,000 to Ksh.95,000.


You can make an order for their pool tables on their Facebook Page or email,, or call them on 0716502167.


7. Destiny Pool Technologies

Located in Kisumu city, Destiny Pool Technologies deals with the sale and distribution of Pool tables. They also sell accessories like Cue sticks and Pool table velvet tops.


To learn about their Pool table and accessories prices and more, call or Whatsapp them on 0710400485.

8. Kenice King of Pool Tables

Kenice King of Pool Tables deals with the supply of imported Pool tables and accessories. They put a great emphasis on customer satisfaction and are committed to providing quality products.

Some of the accessories that they sell include:

  • Cue bags
  • Tips
  • Chalks
  • Foldable Cue sticks
  • Gloves


You can call or send them a Whatsapp message on, 0700260997 if you need their products.

  1. Kisumu Pool Tables

Kisumu Pool Tables are known for making quality pool tables and pool table accessories on order. They are located along Ring Road, in Kisumu town.

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Different Pool table dealers in Kenya sell their items at different prices. You should always research well to find one that sells their items at a fair price.





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