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How To Remove A Laptop Keyboard | All laptops

Laptop keyboard removal process may sound easy but doing it the wrong way can be damaging to your laptop. Various laptops requires different approaches while disassembling it parts. One of the major part however is the Keyboard.

You do not need to be a technician to be able to un mount your laptop keyboard. With your screw drivers and a sharp object or tweezers at hand, you can easily remove your laptop keyboard and fix it back.

What You Should Know

It is good to note that most laptops come with the keyboard screwed from the back. This will require you to unscrew the back cover screws first before you can pull out the keyboard.

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Laptop Keyboard Removal Process

This is a guide to help you remove the keyboard of any laptop. Follow the steps below to successfully carry out the keyboard of your laptop.

  • Power Off Your laptop.
  • Remove the laptop battery and all the cables attached
  • Unscrew all the back cover screws from the laptop. Most laptops come with the keyboard screwed to the back.
  • Look for any clips  on the keyboard that may be attached to the body and un clip them
  • Carefully check the location of hooks that attached the keyboard to the laptop body. They are usually located on the edges of the keyboard.
  • With the help of a sharp strong object, gently pull the hooks while pulling the keyboard gently.
  • Do so for every single hook until they have all come out.
  • Locate the controllers attaching the keyboard to the motherboard and un clip them from the motherboard.
  • Replace the Keyboard carefully after you have changed or fixed the problem.
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Cases That requires Removal of a Laptop Keyboard

A number of cases might call for the need to remove the keyboard. Some of the scenarios that might call for the removal of the keyboard are as below.

When You have experienced a liquid spillage. A slight spillage on the surface of your keyboard will warrant the removal of a keyboard. By quickly wiping the surface of the keyboard with a dry piece of clothe will not help the droplets that might have penetrated the keyboard through the key spaces. When you experience a such a scenario, Quickly power off your laptop and remove the laptop battery. Then look for a technician immediately or if you can remove they keyboard,do so and us home dry liquid to remove the spillage.

When you want to replace a keyboard. A malfunctioning keyboard or touch pad needs to be replaced by a new one. To do so, you will need to remove the old keyboard before you can be able to replace it with a new one.

When Repairing the laptop motherboard. There is no way you can remove a laptop motherboard before removing the keyboard first. To do so you will need to remove the laptop battery, hard disk and the laptop keyboard before you can remove its motherboard.

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