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How to register as a veterinary professional in Kenya and registration charges

Veterinary is a wider field and veterinary specialists are required to register with the Kenya Veterinary Board and obtain the necessary licenses before practicing as a veterinary officer or professionals. In this article, we look at how you can register or apply for veterinary practising licence using the online platform and their fees.

Among the branches in veterinary that a qualified veterinary professionals should seek various approvals and licenses include; Veterinary Specialist, Veterinary Surgeon, Veterinary Paraprofessional, Veterinary Technologist, Veterinary Technician among others.

Veterinary specialists play a bigger role in examining, treating and taking care of our livestock and animals in general. But before you can practice as a veterinary officer in any of the fields, you must register and get the necessary approvals and licenses from the Kenya Veterinary Board.

The Kenya Veterinary Board is mandated to exercise general supervision and control over the training, business, practice and employment of veterinary surgeons and veterinary para-professionals in Kenya.

Registration requirements for veterinary professionals in Kenya.

Before you can apply and get a license to practice as a veterinary doctor or specialist you need to have the following and meet the following requirements;

  • Academic certificates (not result slip).
  • Professional certificates.
  • National Identity Card/passport.
  • Passport size photograph.
  • Registration document from professional association.
Veterinary License online application process in Kenya

To apply for a veterinary practitioner license in Kenya, follow the below procedure.

  • Visit the Kenya Veterinary Board website at
  • log in to your account on the website portal or create an account if you do not have one
  • Update your account profile
  • Go to apply for license
  • Fill the application form appropriately according to the practitioner license you are applying for
  • Attach all the required documents as mentioned above
  • Review your application before you can proceed
  • select your preferred payment method
  • make the payment on the online platform and complete the payment once done
  • Download the necessary receipts and invoices once you have mad your payment
  • submit your online form
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That it, by following this simple steps, you will have made and completed a license application using the online platform. Your application will be reviewed before a license is processed in your name.

Registration fees for various veterinary professionals in Kenya
  1. Veterinary Specialist -Kshs. 20,000, paid every 5 years
  2. Veterinary Para-professional -Kshs. 3,000, paid annually.
  3. Registration/retention as a Veterinary Surgeon –Kshs 4,000, paid annually.
  4. Temporary registration as a Veterinary Surgeon Intern –Kshs. 1,000, paid once.
  5. Temporary registration  fee as a Veterinary Paraprofessional Intern –Kshs 500, paid once.
  6. Registration/retention fee as a Veterinary Paraprofessional: Veterinary Technologist -Kshs. 2,000, paid annually.
  7. Registration/retention fee as a Veterinary Paraprofessional: Veterinary Technician -Kshs. 1,000, paid annually.
  8. Fees for temporary registration and retention of a Veterinary Surgeon -1,000 USD, paid every two years.

Kenya Veterinary Board is a state corporation created by the Veterinary Surgeons and Veterinary Paraprofessionals (VSVP) Act, 2011. The Board was launched on 14th February 2012, in accordance with the provision of section 4 (1) of the VSVP Act.

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Who can register with the Kenya Veterinary Board?

Registration to the  Kenya Veterinary Board is open for the following veterinary professionals who wish to practise in the country:

  • Foreign Veterinary Surgeons (temporary registration)
  • Veterinary Surgeons/ Veterinary Para-professional
  • Veterinary interns
  • Veterinary institutions and Organisations

The board has thousands of veterinary specialists who have registered in the country.


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