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How to do an NTSA Motor Vehicle Search Online in Kenya

If you have ever wanted to know care registration details of any motor vehicle in Kenya, the easiest way to get around it is by carrying out online motor vehicle search on the NTSA website or via e-Citizen platform.

This may be necessary especially when you want to buy a used vehicle locally one of the first steps to do is do a search to be able to Know the history of the car. To know the car is duly registered and to confirm the real registered owner of the vehicle.

Doing an online motor vehicle search is simple and all you need is to have an NTSA  TIMS or an e-Citizen account through which the search can be done instantly. It is also important to note that a fee of Ksh. 550 will be charged to get this online service.

How to do a Motor Vehicle Search Online in Kenya

Follow the procedure below;

Step 1: Log into your E-Citizen account and select the new NTSA service portal. if you do not have an account with e-Citizen, you will need to create one

Step 2: Select “Make Application”

Step 3: Select “Vehicle registration”

Step 4: Choose “Search for a motor vehicle (copy of files)”

Step 5: Go to services and select copy of records under motor vehicle.

Step 6: Enter the registration or chassis number of the car you are seeking details and submit.

Step 7: Make payments* and complete the application.

Step 8: Download a copy of the car’s details in application history.

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By following this process, you will be able to submit your application and your copy of the car details from NTSA will instantly be available for download.

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