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How to transfer money from Mpesa to Western Union

Safaricom has made it possible for Mpesa customers to transfer money through western union via Mpesa.

With your funds in your Mpesa wallet, you can now send money and make payments anywhere in the world using Western Union Mpesa money transfer.

Mpesa to Western Union services are offered through the Mpesa global money transfer platform.

You can send money safely to your loved ones abroad plus to over 500,000 Western Union locations globally through your MPESA account. Simply dial *840# or use mySafaricom App.

How to send money from Mpesa to western Union
  1. On your Mpesa Phone, dial *840#
  2. Enter your location
  3. Accept terms and conditions if you are using Mpesa global for the first time
  4. Enter your Mpesa PIN to proceed
  5. You will receive a notification for your enrollment into Mpesa global
  6. Dial *840# again
  7. Select Western Union Location
  8. Choose New Recipient
  9. Enter their First, Last and Middle Names
  10. Enter the Amount you want to send
  11. Next, choose a destination
  12. Type in the two-letter Country ISO – Select Other for User
  13. State purpose of funds
  14. Enter source of funds
  15. Confirm transaction details and charges and enter M-PESA PIN
  16. Send

Alternatively, you can transfer money from you Mpesa wallet to Western Union using My Safaricom app. This is a convenient way to send money to your Western union account using Mpesa.

For you to be able to send money to any country through western Union via Mpesa, all you need need to have is the destination countries ISO prefix.

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This are letters representing the particular country you wish to send the money to; examples include “KE” for Kenya, “UG” for Uganda, “TZ” for Tanzania and “ZA” for South Africa, which you can find online.

Cost of sending money from Mpesa to Western Union

Just like other money transfer charges, Mpesa imposes a small fee on transactions on Mpesa to Western Union mobile money transfer.

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