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All You Need To Know About KCB Classic Visa Card And How To Apply

The KCB Classic Visa Card was designed to provide customers with a convenient and widely accepted method of payment both locally and internationally. The Classic Visa Card lets you enjoy the freedom of financial flexibility with limits of Kes 20,000 and above. With eligibility for both KCB and non-KCB customers, the card is great for first time credit card owners.

Some of the common features of a Classic Visa Card might include:

1. Credit Limit: The card comes with a pre-approved credit limit, which determines how much you can spend using the card.

2. Worldwide Acceptance: Visa cards are widely accepted both in Kenya and around the world, wherever Visa is recognized.

3. Online Transactions: The card can be used for online purchases and e-commerce transactions.

4. Contactless Payments: Many Visa cards support contactless payments, allowing you to tap the card on a contactless-enabled terminal to make a payment quickly and securely.

5. Rewards and Benefits: Depending on the specific card, there might be various rewards, cashback offers, or benefits associated with using the card for certain types of spending.

6. Secure Transactions: Visa cards usually come with security features like chip technology and fraud protection to safeguard against unauthorized use.

7. Monthly Statements: Cardholders receive monthly statements that provide details of their transactions, outstanding balances, and minimum payment due.

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KCB Classic Visa Card Rates And Fees
  • Joining fee – Kes 3000 waived
  • Monthly fee – 3.5% of the total amount due
  • Cash advance fee – 6% of amount accessed
  • Late payment fee – 5% of total outstanding balance
  • Over limit fee – Kes 1,000
  • Annual fee – Kes 3,000
  • Card replacement fee – Kes 1,000
  • Supplementary card – Kes 1,000
  • Minimum repayment – 10% of total billed amount

*Charges are not inclusive of tax

What You need to Get KCB Classic Visa cards and How To Get It

  • Kenyan national ID or passport
  • Your KRA PIN
  • Duly filled credit card application form
  • Bank statements for the last 6 months if self-employed – account turnover of between Kes. 20,000 and Kes 49,999.
  • 3 Months’ salary account bank statement
  • Latest pay slip – minimum net salary of between Kes. 20,000 and Kes 49,999.

*A bank representative may call you at any time to obtain further information in line with KCB KYC process. At no point shall you be asked for your PIN or passwords.

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