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How to Apply for The New Generation Digital Number Plates In Kenya

How to Apply for the New Generation Digital Number Plates In Kenya: The new generation digital number plates were launched by the government of Kenya on 30th August 2022. It is a requirement for all motorists who had the old number plates to apply for the new generation number plates. The new plates are fitted on all imported vehicles at the point of entry, but owners of already registered vehicles will have to apply for the new plates.

In this article, I will share both manual and online processes you can use to apply the new generation number plate in Kenya and get it in 7 days.

Features Of The New Generation Digital Number Plates In Kenya

The new number plates are designed with the latest security features.The fonts and designs on the front and back plates are both visually appealing. In addition to being visually appealing.

Other features of the new number plates includes;

  • QR code
  • NTSA serial number
  • Kenyan flag,
  • Hologram,
  • Microchip.  Itcontains all of the vehicle’s information, such as ownership, colour, year of manufacture, vehicle type, chassis number, and so on. The features will make it very easy for the government to improve road safety, reduce vehicle crime, and track stolen vehicles.
1. Manual Application
  1. Get an application form from the NTSA
  2. Fill in the form by indicating the vehicle particulars and type of plates needed
  3. Deliver the fully filled form to NTSA offices
  4. Make a Ksh 3000 payment (motor vehicles) or Ksh 1500 (motorbikes)
  5. You will receive an SMS notification on when and where to pick them up
2. Online application via TIMS
  1. Log in to NTSA official website
  2. Find and click on the vehicle registration option
  3. Select Apply for reflective plates, select the vehicle and click Next
  4. Identify and select your vehicle from the list you have and click on “NEXT
  5. Select Reason for Application. Choose the reason as “NEW GENERATION PLATE.”
  6. Choose the notification method; email or SMS
  7. Choose your preferred number plate and format, i.e. oblong or square
  8. Select your preferred collection centre and the ID of the person who will collect the plates
  9. Upload a PDF form of your original logbook and plates, both the rear and front
  10. Confirm the vehicle particulars then pay Ksh 3,050 via M-Pesa
  11. Once the payment is made, you will receive a collection notification within 7 days.
How long does it take to process a new number plate in Kenya?

It takes 7 days to get the new number plates. NTSA will alert you via SMS or Email when the number plate is ready for collection. During the collection, remember to carry your ID to the NTSA centre.

How much does it cost to replace a number plate in NTSA?

You will pay Ksh 3000 for Motor vehicles or Ksh 1500 for Motorcycles. Preferred plates cost Ksh 30,000.

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