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How to Check NHIF Balance via SMS

Do you ever check your NHIF or NSSF account to confirm if your money reflected or your employer remitted your contribution? In the past, one had to visit their offices to obtain account details, but now, checking your contributions has become much simpler. Besides accessing NHIF and NSSF details via email and through their websites, you can also check your status via SMS. Today, we’ll explore how you can easily check your contribution status using this method.

Whether you’re on payroll or self-employed, you can register via NHIF selfcare and make a monthly contribution to National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) via a bank account, the NHIF portal or M-Pesa pay bill to access affordable or sometimes free medical services in any National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF)-accredited outpatient hospital. Even though NHIF registration and NHIF payments are simple, Kenyans still have many questions, including ‘how do I check my NHIF contribution status?’

How to Check NHIF Balance via SMS

Mobile phones have become indispensable electronic devices in the lives of many Kenyans. In addition to accessing social media platforms and entertainment, you can also use your mobile phone and ID number to check your NHIF status. This process is as simple as using a USSD code.

Step 1: Register Your Mobile Number with NHIF

Before you can check your NHIF balance via SMS, make sure that your mobile number is registered with NHIF. This registration process ensures that you receive notifications and updates regarding your NHIF account.

Step 2: Compose a New SMS

Open your messaging app and compose a new SMS message. You will need to send this SMS to the NHIF shortcode.

Step 3: Enter the NHIF Shortcode

In the recipient field of your SMS, enter the NHIF shortcode: 21101.

Step 4: Enter Your ID Number

Type ID, add space, and then type your ID number or passport number in the message space. For instance, ID 46464646

Step 5: Send the SMS

Once you have entered your NHIF number in the message body, send the SMS to the NHIF shortcode 21101.

Step 6: Wait for the Response

The National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) will send you a text message with your employer’s name and the last time you made your monthly payment. While this service is simple and effective, it will cost you Ksh.10 in airtime as a service charge. It works for Safaricom and Airtel customers.

How to Check Your NHIF Status Online Via The NHIF Portal

Apart from the SMS method, you can also check your NHIF contribution via the NHIF online portal portal ( Here is a step-by-step procedure on how to do it:

Visit the official NHIF portal.

Step 1. Sign up to gain access to the self-service portal. If it’s your first time visiting the website, you’ll be required to register with your NHIF card number, email address, and working phone number. If you already have a registered account with NHIF, you can log in to your account, using your NHIF login

Step 2: Log in to the account and proceed to check your NHIF contribution status. You’ll be able to view your last contributions, the months you’ve defaulted, and your activation.

Step 3: Log out. After you’ve finished checking your National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) contribution status, you need to log out. Leaving your account without logging out exposes your biodata to hackers.

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