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How To Apply For A New Digital Vehicle Number Plate In Kenya

Transport regulator the NTSA announced the introduction of new digital number plates for vehicles. This means that all motor vehicle owners should replace their current number plates to the newly improved digital number plates with advanced security features.

There are two methods motor vehicle owners can use to apply for the new digital number plates, manual method and through online application via TIMS account.

This article provides a guide to all motor vehicles owners with the simple steps they ought to follow in replacing their vehicle number plates in Kenya.

How to apply for digital vehicle Number Plate In Kenya -Manual Process
  • Visit the nearest NTSA offices with your ID and vehicle details.
  • Give the correct details of your vehicle among them registration number and type of plate needed.
  • Fill the form issued by NTSA correctly with all the details and attach any necessary documentation.
  • You will be asked to make a payment of Ksh.3000
  • Wait for a a confirmation text on when your new digital number plate will be ready.
  • Visit the same NTSA offices you applied from to collect your number plate.
How to apply for digital vehicle Number Plate In Kenya- Online Application Process

This method requires you to use your NTSA TIMS account to make your application. To make our application:

  • Log into the NTSA website
  • Select the TIMS option on the website by clicking on the TIMS Logo
  • Click on ‘apply reflective number plate’ option
  • Choose the vehicle using the details in your account that you need to apply for a number plate.
  • Indicate the plate type
  • Indicate individual to pick the number plate once it is ready
  • Select the NTSA center you intent to pick your digital number plate
  • Make a payment of ksh.3000 payable via Mpesa or card.
  • For preferred plate you will pay Ksh.30,000 and for Motorcycle plate you will pay Ksh.1,500
  • Submit your application.
  • Once your number plate is ready for collection, NTSA will notify you.
  • You will need to visit the preferred NTSA offices that you selected for Number plate replacement and fixing

Motorists will in the next 18 months be expected to have acquired the new digital number plates for their vehicles.

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What You Should Know about the new Digital Number Plates

In his address during the launch, Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i says the new generation number plates unveiled are set to be a breakthrough in the fight against terrorism, theft and other crimes.

According to the Interior CS, the existing car number plates lack adequate security features, making it difficult for enforcement agencies to identify swapped plates or illegal ones from backstreet enterprises.

Matiang’i has hailed the new ones as the masterstroke that will make things difficult for not just terrorists but also motor vehicle theft syndicates thriving in duplication and faking of number plates.

The plates use the FE-Schrift typeface, which is a sans serif typeface introduced in the late 1970s for use on license plates.

Its monospaced letters and numbers are slightly disproportionate to prevent easy modification and to improve machine readability.

Additionally, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) says the new plates will incorporate microchip technology and several anti-counterfeit security features that will render them practically impossible to imitate.

Other features include a QR code, NTSA serial number, the Kenyan flag, a hologram and a microchip.

NTSA has also announced that the digital plates plates will be fitted on all imported vehicles at the point of entry, but owners of already registered vehicles will have to apply for the new plates.

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