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7 Tips To Improve the Speed Of Your laptop

Have you ever been in a situation where your laptop or computer is too slow and takes minutes loading or open a program? This is a common scenario that most of us encounter and it is really annoying. Well, here are some basic tips you can apply to improve the performance and speed of your laptop or desktop.

1. Defragment your hard disk

Fragmentation is when files on your PC are stored in different pieces in different places on a hard drive. With time the hard disk storage space decreases causing fragmentation to increase. This causes your laptop to take much longer time while searching for specific pieces in the files within the hard disk thus making your laptop to be slow.
To solve this problem disk defragmentation is required.
To defragment your disk go to Start > All programs > Accessories > System > Tools
Disk defragmentation should be a routine practice for your PC.
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2. Disk cleanup

Excess or unused files that have accumulated on your laptop hard disk slows down the performance of your laptop. Atleast 1GB of storage should be available for your laptop to function properly. Unused files like old photos, documents that are no longer needed, old videos and audio files should be removed. To do this, perform disk cleanup. On your windows operating system go to Start > All Programs> Accessories > System Tools. Disk cleanup scans and removes unnecessary files with your permission.

3. Delete browsing history

Using your laptop computer to access internet leaves browsing files in your browser. This helps you to easily access you online files for future use. Excess of them affects the loading speed of your laptop. It is therefore necessary that you check and clear your browsing history in your browsers to optimize the performance of your laptop.

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4. Protect your laptop against malware

Programs such as Viruses, Adware,Worms and Spyware are all called Malware. This programs are added to your computer without your knowledge. This programs greatly affects the performance of laptop or computer. Use reliable anti-Viruses and constantly scan your PC for this unwanted programs. Kaspersky ,Smadav, avast among others can be helpful anti-viruses to help you keep this unwanted programs at bay

5. Partition Your hard Disk

Partitioning a hard drive is dividing it into more than one storage section. One section will be used to store the Operating system and related files. This partition is commonly called Local Drive (C) by default. The other sections of your hard disk can be used to store personal files. It is advisable to store your personal files in a different partition as mixing personal files with System files makes the vital system files exposed to damage. To do this in windows, go to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management > Right click in the space to the right of the label for the hard disk, and click New simple Volume

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6. Protect your laptop from overheating

Check to ensure that your laptop fan is functioning normally, avoid using your laptop in an enclosed place such as cupboard or drawer. This places hinter free circulation of air. Using your laptop for long while placed on your Laps or Blankets/Mattress greatly affects free circulation of air thus causing your laptop to overheat. Overheating damages the processor thus affecting the performance of your laptop. If your laptop produces a lot of heats or produces abnormal sound and strains to process then its likely to have been damaged by overheating. It is advisable you see a technician before it completely fails

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7. Increase your laptop RAM

If the above discussed tips don’t solve the speed problem, its time to increase the RAM of your laptop or computer. When a laptop becomes old and more memory demanding Operating System is installed, your laptop will definitely slow down in terms of speed. Before increasing or replacing your RAM, check to know how much memory you have and the type of RAM in your laptop. It will be helpful if your technician helps you determine this if you are not sure.
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