6 Unusual Websites to Spend Your Free Time at Home

How do people spend time when they’re at work? According to a research conducted by VoucherCloud, instead of work they read news websites, check and play online casino games or visit other entertaining websites, and even search for new jobs. But there are many other platforms you can use to both relax and spend time at work productively.

I Miss My Bar

The idea for this site was born in quarantine. People missed going to bars with friends so much that they came up with an alternative – a site that creates the atmosphere of an establishment. There’s background music (10 tracks you can play yourself), people talking behind the bar, clinking glasses, street noise and rain outside the window – these sounds you can also adjust the volume.

I Miss The Office

This site is for those who missed the workplace while working remotely. This is a virtual office with all the sounds surrounding it – mouse and keyboard clicks, coworkers talking, the sound of the phone and air conditioner.

Sound City Project

We all miss traveling because of closed borders, so this site is a great way to enjoy the atmosphere of European and U.S. cities from the comfort of your home or office. Here you can admire panoramic views of the streets, parks of New York, Stockholm, San Francisco and many others. Don’t forget to wear headphones – the sounds of these cities are there too. If you close your eyes, you can believe that you are there that second.

Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

This site is designed so that you can slow down, take two minutes of your time to do nothing. A special timer counts down the seconds in which you have to admire the seascape and do nothing. The main rule is not to move the mouse and do not press the keyboard, otherwise the timer will start again.

A Soft Murmur

Fans of ASMR will love it. This site is a must have for those who need to relax or, conversely, to concentrate. Birdsong, sounds of rain, wind, thunder, waves, crickets or a fire – you can tune in and listen to one or all of them at once. A bonus is the sounds of coffee houses, Tibetan bowls, and white noise.


An insanely interesting site that you will linger on for a long time. It lets you track how different parts of the Earth have changed from climate to development from 1984 to today. Type in a search for any point in the world and watch the changes.

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