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How to Apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct in Kenya

Kenyans can now easily access most government services through the eCitizen platform. This is an online self-service portal that was launched by the government some years back. Application for a certificate of good conduct is one of the several online services that are available for Kenyans on this portal. This article will take you through detailed steps you should take when applying for a certificate of good conduct in Kenya.

What is a Certificate of Good Conduct?

A certificate of good conduct, also known as police clearance certificate, is a document that shows whether you’ve had a criminal past or not. When you commit a criminal offence, your personal details including your fingerprints are taken and stored in police criminal records. When you apply for a certificate of good conduct, your details are again taken. A search is conducted to see whether they match with any of the records that are stored in the police criminal databases. It is basically a background check being conducted on you.

Employers have made a certificate of good conduct as one of the most important documents required during job applications. This is probably one of the reasons why you would need the document. A certificate of good conduct is valid for only one year from the date of issue and is advisable to renew it each year, especially if you are a job seeker.


How to Apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Original ID card and its photocopy, or birth certificate for children below the age of 18 years
  • KSH 1050 processing fee to be paid using M-Pesa, debit cards or any other payment method listed on eCitizen
  • Copies of 2 invoices that are to be downloaded during application
  • A copy of a form known as, C24, which is to be downloaded and printed also during online application
  • The applicant must be in a position to avail himself/herself in person at the DCI offices and allow his/her fingerprints to be recorded
How to Apply for a Certificate of Good Conduct
Procedure for Application for Certificate of Good Conduct
  1. Visit eCitizen online portal (www using a computer or mobile phone and log in to your account. If you haven’t registered, click on “create an account” to create a new account and log in.
  2. On the dashboard, click on a link that reads, “Directorate of Criminal Investigations”.
  3. Next, click on “Police Clearance Certificate”.
  4. On the page that loads, you will see a drop down list. Click on it and select “Your application” if you are applying for yourself or “Your child’s application” if you are applying for your child.
  5. On the next page, there are several instructions and steps to follow during this process. Read and understand them then click “Next”.
  6. You will see two drop down lists. Those are for you to select the place you want your fingerprints to be taken. Choose correctly and click “Complete”.
  7. Next page is for payment of KSH 1050 processing fee. There are several payment methods on display e.g M-Pesa, Debit card, Eazzypay, Airtel money, and others. Choose one that is appropriate for you.
  8. Once you have selected your chosen payment method, instructions on how to pay are displayed next to it for you to follow. Follow the payment instructions and complete the payment. Click “Complete” as soon as you get a payment confirmation message.
  9. Now go back to your eCitizen account dashboard. Download and print 2 copies of the invoice and one copy of C24 form. Have the C24 form printed on both sides on an A4 size paper.
  10. Once you have hard copies of those documents in your possession, present them together with the original and a copy of your ID to your nearest Huduma centre or DCI headquarters. Present an original and a copy of your child’s birth certificate in case you are applying for your child.
  11. You (the applicant) must also be present at the DCI headquarters or Huduma Centre because your fingerprints are needed in the process.
  12. The process for application for Certificate of good conduct is now complete.
  13. You will have to wait for a period of 2 to 4 weeks where your certificate of good conduct will be available in your eCitizen account for download.
  14. Download and print your Certificate of good conduct and use if you’re your applications

Birth Certificate

Must I Wait for the 1 month to get a certificate of Good Conduct?

In most cases applicants of the police clearance certificate also known us good conduct may be in need of this important document in within the shortest time possible. In this case it will be impossible for one to get a certificate of good conduct within one or two days.

You see, your finger prints must be submitted to the DCI database and run through their systems to determine whether you have any criminal record. This process may take some time considering the volumes of applications received daily and the process of retrieving the information.

Since most certificate of good conduct are usually Job seekers who are on a short notice, it is acceptable to present your Stamped payment invoice during Job application. The two copies of invoices presented during application are meant to act as evidence that indeed you have applied and paid for the application. One copy usually remains with the DCI while the second copy is usually stamped and handed to the applicant.

Points to Note on Application for a Certificate of Good Conduct
  • If you are applying for a certificate of good conduct for your child who is under 18 years of age, a birth certificate is used in place of an ID card.
  • You have to use your own eCitizen account during the process of online application for Certificate of good conduct or when you are applying for your underage child.
  • When applying for a job, make sure that you have a valid certificate of good conduct. Employers will need to see it when you are called for a job interview. Do not let its absence be a reason for not getting hired.

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