You will now have an option to accept or decline joining WhatsApp Groups

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In its stringent measures WhatsApp has unveiled an option for one to either accept or decline joining a WhatsApp group. Previously you had no privilege of choosing which WhatsApp group to join and one would find themselves in groups they barely know the agenda. The situation has largely been seen as infringement on privacy and choices of the users. But with the latest move that comes to an end

How it Works

Unlike previous days where group admin had the power to land you in their groups. WhatsApp has given you an option to decide whether or not you will be a member of a certain WhatsApp group. An option to accept or decline has been added to the latest WhatApp  privacy policy.

To set your App for this latest update you can go to Privacy Settings>Group. From here you will be able to activate your WhatsApp to have an option of accepting or declining whenever you are invited to any group. Upon receiving the invitation notification one will have up to three days to join by pressing the join option or decline by pressing the decline option.

With many insecurity cases arising over privacy of social media usage. Protection should be a key priority by the developers of social media platforms. This is one step in the right direction that WhatsApp has taken and we can only hope for the best in future. It should be noted that WhatsApp,Facebook and instagram both owned by Mark Zuckerberg dominates the most used social medias around the world.

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