Kenya Power Issues a notice to Telecommunication Companies

Amid rampant rise of telecommunication companies distributing Fibre services in the country, Kenya power has issued a 14 day notice against unlicensed Telecommunication companies using electric poles illegally to mount fibre cables.

“It has come to our attention that there are unlicensed telecommunication operators illegally stringing their fibre optic cables onto Kenya Power distribution poles to offer internet, communication, television and other services to various households and businesses countrywide” Reads part of the statement. This comes after instances of accidents due to this practice along the roads and private homes have been reported thus endangering public safety and life.

The power distributor has warned the involved companies that should they fail to comply with the 14 days order Kenya Power will be at liberty to take any action against such operators as may be deemed necessary including, but not limited to bringing down the illegal networks and or instituting legal action.

“Further, action shall be against anyone found illegally using  Kenya Power infrastructure  and/or masquerading as one of Kenya Power’s licensees” Reads the statement.

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The Power distributor has seen a rise in illegal activities. It is no secrete that curbing vandalism of its transformers has been a  thorn in the neck for Kenya Power for a very long time. Over years we have seen more Megawatts being injected to the grid thanks to the exploration of new field. Geothermal and the recently launched wind power. Despite all this the only power distributor in country is struggling  to gear the company towards profitability. the cost of power is still the highest in the region and there have been outcries from users and manufacturers to lower the Power prices.

With this new challenge paused by telecommunication companies its time for the power provider to rise to the occasion and restore sanity to its sector lest the damages extends.


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