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Why Most ladies born In 90s $ 20s While End Up Single For The Rest Of Their Lives

It is the dream of every girl to get married and have kids at one point in their lives. However the dream of a happy marriage is getting to be elusive to many young girls who had aspired for a marriage. In your prime age a young lady you work so hard to have a good life in future, your beauty complements your dream and you are highly on demand.

Boys are all over you and they want a relationship with you, you know your worth and you are not ready to settle for less. But the shock is that you are likely to end up unmarried forever. But you ask why? Here are some factors that might highly contribute to you staying single for the rest of your life. Or perhaps you are wondering why you are still single. Here are the reasons

You Cannot Cook

With all your degrees and successful career life you might not qualify to be someone’s wife for a simple reason. You do not know how to cook or you have no time to cook. I can tell you for free, no African husband is willing to settle for take away meals for ever. The man you are getting married to came from a home where his mother used to cook for the whole family. Allover a sudden, he is married to a wife who can barely cook. To ladies, most husband look for attributes from their mothers in their wives.

But here you are, in the name time have changed. Yes you might have all the house help in the house, but getting down and preparing a meal for your husband makes him see the value in you. The man will always appreciate the cook. If you cannot cook for your husband, definitely you are in a race of getting a separation and allover a sudden you will find yourself single again. It is even worse when you completely do not know how to cook.

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You Have Pride

They say pride comes before fall, just because someone called you a queen, it does not mean that you are more special than others. Someone full of pride can never love back, Why? Because they think no one is much special than them. People with pride always want attention all the time and will never see fault in them. If you are such a person then be ready to live with yourself for ever. A man who gets in a relationship with a lady full of herself sooner or later finds the relationship unworthy. They do not feel loved equally. The biggest problem with ladies full of pride is that, nothing good a man does to them will satisfy them.

Cut Down Your Presence on Social Network sites

If possible, close your Facebook and twitter accounts because they may be doing you more harm than good, but you wouldn’t know until you hit 35yrs plus and still single and searching.  If you cannot maintain a sizeable number of vital friends and family members as friends on your Facebook, twitter, etc accounts, then you need to close the account and focus with your offline life. No man would want to marry a lady who spends most of her time on social media. Social media have made homes so lonely in their houses. Family is built on communication. Social media takes your attention away from your partner. Sooner or later your money realizes he is no longer being attended too and starts looking for the attention elsewhere. That’s how you will be replaced in no moment.

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Too Many Suitors In Your Life

You do not need to have a thousand boyfriends to get that one suitor you are looking for. Being faithful to one boyfriend is the best option you can ever go for. Suitors will come into your life but the moment they realize you have a chain of men chasing after your, they will quickly drop you. No one comes into your life to compete with others, they come for a relationship and not a competition. Many ladies think they are playing it safe by having several suitors, but in real sense you are portraying yourself as a cheat and no man can withstand that.

Giving out your number to everyone who asks for it is a bad idea and will eventually destroy your reputation. Remember you are not a call centre

Your friends Run Your Life

How do you expect to find a husband when you still allow your clique of friends to be dictating which man you meet is worthy of your love and which is not? The person you date or marry should be your personal choice and no one should decide for you. However getting to know someone before you marry is very important.

You Are Too Choosy

Seeing every man that approaches you as unworthy is a problem many ladies in their prime age have. Evey man has weaknesses and strength. Focusing only on the negative will leave you single forever. In as much as you should chose wisely, remember every person has limitations. Weigh the negatives and positives of a person wisely before making an informed decision.

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