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How Viola Makes Money Teaching Swahili Online

Violah is one good example to prove that you can use what you know or have to change your life and earn good money out there. Her work is simple, she teaches online Swahili lessons to people from different countries. But most surprisingly she never went to college to train as a teacher. This is the amazing story on how Violah makes money online.

Violah happens to have studied law and lived in the United Kingdom for seven years. It is when she was in the UK that she realized that very many people would like to learn how to speak some Swahili. It was until she came home in Kenya that she thought of using her native Swahili language as a tool to teach the world the language she knows best.

The biggest challenge was how to make her services professional and earn from it. While doing her search, she came across a website that allows individuals to sign up and learn anything. She never took a chance, she signed up at Just learn as a Swahili Tutor and was shocked to by the number of clients who were signing up for her services.

With the good reception coming in Violah says she decided to expand her interactive Swahili learning sessions to include games, songs and conversations. Violah says offering these services in her native language gives her great joy.

How It works and Charges

Violah has set up her profile that entails what she offers and her charges. The platform allows one to make an application as a teacher and upon approval you are given an account through which you will offer your services. The platform allows you to set your profile detailing what you intent to teach and your charges. You then upload your lessons on the platform. The platform also offers interactive learning through online sessions.

For Violah, she Charges $49 per month for 4 lessons, $89 per month for 8 lessons and $159 for 16 lessons per month.

Violah has also made it possible to interact with her clients through zoom that allows clients to enter the class session 5 minutes ahead of booked time. She says the advantage of her model of teaching is flexibility. Students get to choose their preferred schedule. Another is reduced costs. Online tutorials can cost less compared to regular classes/sessions. For example, no cost for commuting.

Violah has clients all over the world and the review on her profile is a living proof that they love her work.

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Here are some of the feedbacks on her work:

Abigael: Violah’s class is very interactive. Not only does she use slides for presentation, but she also makes use of flashcards, songs & lyrics, plays video advertisements in Swahili language to engage more with her learners.

Charleigh Hobbs: Lessons are always so engaging and Violah is great fun to learn with! She is so helpful and if you don’t understand she will explain further! Violah’s lessons have good structure which makes learning fun and stress free and I highly recommend her!!

Lauren: Violah is a great teacher!! I highly recommend her!!

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