Dating Tips: Secrete To a Binding Relationship

It is always everyone’s pray to find a perfect partner you can date and establish a long lasting relationship that can lead to marriage. Whereas many are looking for that ideal boyfriend or girlfriend, the dating part has always eluded many as a plaque. In this article, we are going to look at some of the dating secretes that can lead to a long lasting relationship.If you are just beginning a new relationship, we shall share dating tips for a new relationship.

I would often here my friend tell me how he has found an ideal girlfriend that he is not letting go. A few day down the line, he will sadly be narrating to me how the girlfriend left him. This has happened to my friend Derrick several times to a point he was almost giving up. To make the matter worse, it’s always him being damped. So, could there be something he is not doing right? How comes a partner he is so excited about one day slips off his hands the following day? Well it’s until I sat Derrick down that I found out where the problem was.

In this article we are going to share some of the common mistakes that partners often makes that destroys a relationship in the earlier stages. Just like my friend Derrick who could not keep his girlfriend for months, many people find themselves traveling the same road without even noticing.

  1. Get It Right From the beginning

Getting it right from the beginning means you are entering into a relationship with a conscious mind. Inasmuch as they say love is blind, remember marriage opens it. Dating the wrong person can be a disaster in the making if you do not retreat very first. Whereas we come from different cultural background love is a unifying factor that brings us all together.

Getting someone with the moral values that you subscribe to can be one step in the right direction. Virtues of honest, kindness, faithfulness and understanding will help a relationship last even in difficult times. If you are a religious person, then dating someone that subscribes to your faith and beliefs will be very much important.

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  1. Take Time. Do not rush

Taking time to get to know your partner is one key factor a very person entering into a love relationship should always consider. Time reveals everything. With time you will get to know your partner better. You will realize their weaknesses and strength. Time also helps the two of you to be friends and bond together. Time will always help you make an informed decision whether the relationship is worth keeping or ending. Making rushed decision can lead to regrets and can lead to unhealthy relationship.

One weakness I realized from my friend Derrick was that he was always in a rush to take the relationship to the next level. Such behavior is unwelcoming to most people who are just starting to get to know you and within know time they will never want to associate with you.

  1. Do Not Fake It

Many people who are in the earlier dating stages always want to impress their partners. Many resort to faking almost everything about them. This is very venomous in a relationship as sooner or later, your partner will get to know the real person they are dealing with. This is a mistake that cannot be undone. Faking it is the single biggest cause of mistrust among partners. Remember love can be blind but marriage will definitely open it. Be sincere and do not live a lie. A partner who is genuinely looking for love will always take you in regardless of your status or situation as long as you are true to yourself

  1. Communication

The biggest killer of relationship today is communication breakdown. Now that you have gotten this man or woman you were chasing after you stop communicating as you used to. Getting to checkout on your partner frequently makes them feel you care and love them. Stopping it sends a wrong signal that you are no longer concerned about them. Many partners today even those in marriage are very lonely. People are too busy with their phones and computers forgetting the important people in their lives.

  1. Your Partner is not an Angel

We are all humans and we are all prone to errors and making mistakes, your partner is not exceptional. Now that you wanted that perfect partner. It’s important to know that no one is perfect. At one point or another, your partner will wrong you. Always find a place in your heart to forgive. When you realize that you have wronged then as well, always take it upon yourself to ask for forgiveness. A relationship is always a field to learn and improve on ourselves and also help others improve.

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