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TSC Requirements for pension processing for teachers

The process of getting your pension is the fast thing that comes in mind of any retired teacher. The teachers service commission TSC has issued out Guidelines retired teachers can use to process their pension dues. This pension application process is also applicable to all employees who retires in Kenya.

A pension is a fund into which a sum of money is added during an employee’s employment years and from which payments are drawn to support the person’s retirement from work in the form of periodic payments. Teachers have for years been the highest earners of pension in Kenya and for this reason pension processing services has always been one of the most sought after service in Kenya by retired teachers.

In the past, processing pension funds for retired teachers had been hectic with many either not knowing the processing process or others lacking valid documents.

To help ease the hustle associated with processing pension by retiring teachers, TSC has shared the following as Key requirements a teacher who wishes to process pension should have.

Requirements for processing pension for teachers
  1. Duly filed TSC clearance certificate
  2. Two copies of bank plate both sides
  3. Two copies of National ID card both sides
  4. Duly completed option to commute pension form in duplicate
  5. Duly completed lump sum payment form (bank form)
  6. Two copies each of all promotion letters/ certificates
  7. The earliest copy of pay slip showing Women’s and children’s Pension Scheme (WCPS) deductions for male teachers
  8. Copies of marriage certificate/affidavits to confirm names for married teachers whose documents have different names.
  9. Teachers who served as Untrained Teachers to attach NSSF statement
  10. Two copies of KRA PIN certificate
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Pension processing requirements for teachers

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How to Process your Pension in Kenya

There are different ways in which you can be accessing your funds according to the scheme that you have been subscribing.

  • Employees under the occupational scheme, will be receiving their funds when they retire, resign, get terminated, move to another country, or when rendered unable to work due to medical issues.
  • Employees in the informal sector, funds can be anytime-either partially or a lump sum. It depends on the rules of the scheme registered.

Accessing pension in Kenya can be done even before retirement. You can access the funds, either full or partial withdrawal if you have a personal scheme. For the occupational scheme, you can only withdraw your funds but not in full before retirement. In addition, in the cases of medical emergencies and death, then next of kin or beneficiaries have full access to the funds.

Pension funds and application usually applies to teachers who have attained 60 years. A notice will be issued two years before the date of retirement. The Commission may issue a shorter retirement notice under special circumstances.

Once the notice has been received, one should forward all the required documents to TSC for processing. One can easily access the TSC office within their area for processing of the pension dues

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