Top Best 10 Graphic Designers in Mombasa

Are you looking for a Graphic Designer in Mombasa for your personal or business branding services? Many of them have set up shop in Mombasa and are offering great services to businesses, corporates, and individuals. Not all however offer quality services to clients. We have therefore prepared a list of the top 10 graphic designers in Mombasa to help you choose one that can match your demands.

Graphic design entails manipulating colours, texts, and pictures to come up with something that can be used to pass a message visually to audiences. Because of technological advancements, graphic designers nowadays use computer softwares and different types of printers to produce precise and excellent graphics.

List of top 10 Best Graphic Designers in Mombasa That Offer Branding Services

1.    Newskin Media

Newskin Media is a graphic designer in Mombasa that offers branding services to businesses, corporates, institutions, and individuals. It was started 10 years ago and has a branch in Nairobi. The company “Newskin” is inspired by snakes that peel off their old skins to regrow newer, fresher skins. Likewise, through branding, Newskin media aims to help other businesses keep their brands fresh and to keep growing at all times, and also to enable them to develop a winning perception in their endeavours.

They offer a wide variety of graphic design, branding, and marketing services in different categories. They are:

  • Vehicle branding
  • Customer gifts
  • Signages
  • Logo design
  • Web design
  • Expo branding
  • Office stationery

From the above services, you can get a wide variety of products at affordable prices. They include business card holders, branded thermal mugs, calendars, wall clocks, staff uniforms, shopping bags, umbrellas, logos, and many more.

Newskin Media

Contact details:



Phone: +254 705 503 511 / +254 720 649 608.

Address: Splendid House, Ground Floor, Meru Road, P.O. Box 16647-80100, Mombasa, Kenya.

2.    Crablinks

Crablinks is a digital design company in Mombasa that offers different services to small and mid-size companies. They have a team of creative and experienced individuals who strive to satisfy their customers and meet their expectations. They put themselves in their customers’ shoes and try to understand their needs from their perspective. Furthermore, they work hard to beat their deadlines.

The services that are offered by the company include branding, digital marketing, photography, and web design. Due to their experience in handling graphic design matters and creativity, their business branding services are good as they intend to provide exceptional branding services that stand out clearly from their competitors.

The company’s portfolio shows its recent work in web design, photography, digital marketing, and branding. They have helped produce excellent and well-thought branding services to companies such as Zuri Afya Services, Holaa Safari Kenya, Noucon Adventures, Burji, Brand Bazaar Kenya, Thumbs Up Kenya Safaris, and many more.

Contact details:



Phone: +254 712 972 727 / +254 702 514 440 / +254 715 500 003

Address: Shella Freemark, Makadara Road, Mombasa, Kenya.

3.    Branding Concepts

Branding Concepts is a print and advertising company that takes pride in its state-of-the-art graphic design, branding, and printing equipment that produces high-quality end products. Their services include screen printing, rollup banners, letterheads, embroidery, brochures, posters, logos, signboards, business cards, invitation cards, and many more.

Contact details:



Call / Whatsapp: +254 723 448 110 / +254 732 448 110

Address: Msaada Avenue, Tudor, Mombasa, Kenya.

4.    Ruzz Graphics

Every business needs a strong identity both online and offline for it to be successful. To achieve that, you need to hire a graphic designer and website designer for branding and digital marketing services. Ruzz graphics is a one-stop-shop that offers both web and graphic design services in Mombasa.

The company specialises in corporate branding offering services of designing and printing items such as logos, brochures, rollup banners, flyers, posters, and business cards to name just a few. They also take time to design and build well-engaging and SEO-friendly websites for businesses and companies. They do this intending to enable their clients to have a strong online presence and outstanding brands.

Ruzz Graphics’s experience in branding is unquestionable. It has worked in the past with corporates like Baronet, Telconet, Lureth Technologies, Maxprin, Bahati Holdings, Premium Autoworld, and many more. It is also proud to have designed and developed beautiful websites for many clients.

Contact details:



Phone: +254 733 373 004 / +254 723 373 004

5.    Kenya Web Designers Companies

Kenya Web Designers Companies is a firm located in Mombasa that offers different services like web design, graphic design, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), branding, digital printing, and social media marketing.

Their branding services include corporate events branding, logo designs, billboard advertising, interior designs, vehicle branding, and election campaigns. They also offer printing services of mugs, calendars, birthday gifts, digital printing, screen printing, t-shirts, uniforms, diaries, and more.

Contact details:



Phone:  +254 708 181 665 / +254 737 982 270

Address: Furaha Plaza, 6th Floor, Nkrumah Road, Mombasa, Kenya.

6.    Inspimate

Inspimate is one of the best graphic designers in Mombasa whose mission is to offer reliable services to its customers. It does this by using its expertise in digital marketing strategy to add value to its brands.

Inspimate has a team of talented and creative experts that use technological tools to produce the best quality graphics for business branding. They include 3D video animations, TV commercials, 3D printing services, and more.

They also offer 2D graphics such as directories, brochures, flyers, magazines, business cards, posters, storesigns, billboards among others. Web design, niche branding, app development, and multimedia creations are among other services that they also provide.

The company has had the opportunity to offer graphic design and branding services to organisations such as Bluebee Academy, Mombasa Homes Expo, Tourism Innovation Hub, AutoAid Limited, and others. It has also been able to offer perfectly crafted designs of brochures, roller banners, leaflets, and flyers.

Contact details:



Phone: +254 742 172 024 / +254 711 719 925 / +254 712 662 933

Address: Jiwaji Building, 2nd Floor, Digo Road, Mombasa, Kenya.

7.    Qlikksoft

Since every business needs to remain relevant to be noticed, branding should be among the top priorities to make that possible. By the use of various available methods like graphic design and printing, agencies like Qlikksoft help to develop new brands for businesses and improve public images of existing brands. If you are in Mombasa and need branding services for your business, they are one of the best agencies to consult.

They provide excellent branding services in a unique way and are friendly and professional when consulting with their customers. Their services include designs of logos, banners, T-shirts, brochures, funeral programmes, shop branding, and many more. Apart from the branding and graphic design services, they also provide excellent web design and domain hosting services.

Their portfolio page is decorated with recent work done to various brands like Ecobiz, Sea  Sun, Expedite, and Fitness 4 Life among others.

Contact details:



Phone: +254 736 038 366

Address: Qlikksoft,  P.O.Box 42001 – 80100,

Mombasa, Kenya.

8.    Mart Centre

Mart centre is a firm that was started in 2006 and is located in Mombasa. It has a dedicated team that offers excellent services of branding, graphic design, and personalised printing. The company takes pride in its experienced top managers and employees who help to provide promotional products to clients, some of whom are market leaders in their sectors.

Some of their services include the design and printing of teardrop banners, flags, backdrops, shelf strips, placemats, and many more. They also offer large format printing, stationery printing, branding, and digital printing. Other services they offer are field marketing, social media marketing, and web design.

Contact details:


Email: /

Phone:  +254 708 275 226 / +254 722 970 703 / +254 714 053 018

Address: Mart Centre, Fumbo Footwear Building, Second Floor, Digo Road, Mombasa, Kenya.

9.    Animatrix

If you need graphic design, branding, mobile solutions, and Search Engine Optimization in Mombasa, Animatrix is a firm that can deliver great results offering those services. It has experience of 15 years offering businesses and individuals great services. It employs the use of meticulous craft, strategic thinking, and creativity to ensure that its clients are fully satisfied with its services.

On its portfolio list are several companies and brands that include Unik Driving School, Nyali Links Service Station, Greenwood Events, Kanji Hirji Shah, CIT Technology Partner, and many more.

Contact details:


Phone: +254 722 351 288

Address:  Animatrix, Azim Bachani, Mombasa, Kenya.

10.  Ruhi Paper Empire

Are you looking for a graphic designer in Mombasa for personal or business branding services? Ruhi Paper Empire is one of them. It offers a range of designing and printing services in Mombasa such as wedding invitation cards, birthday cards, business cards, logos, and many more.

Contact details:



Phone: +254 787 666 833

Address: Lumumba Road, Opposite Bayleaf hospital, Mombasa, Kenya.


Branding is an important factor to consider when you need your business to be successful. You, therefore, need to take that crucial step to consult one of the best graphic designers in Mombasa to give a strong identity to your business.


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