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Top 10 Best Graphic Designers in Eldoret

Are you looking for a Graphic designer in Eldoret to help you out with branding your business or just for personal needs? Look no further. There are many of them available and will help you with that at affordable prices. These firms use different types of equipment such as printers to handle different tasks and above all, teams of creative experts that will offer you great services. Find out in this article more details on our sampled list of the top 10 best graphic designers in Eldoret.

In a space where there are many businesses that are similar to yours, you need to separate yourself and make yours stand out. To do that, you have to put effort and resources into branding it. This will give your business a face and a strong identity that people will associate with. You will also get returning clients and new clients from referrals which translates to an increase in sales. All you have to do is choose a graphic designer and talk to them about it and you will enjoy the benefits of branding your business.

List of Top 10 Best Graphic Designers in Eldoret that Offer Branding Services
1.    Bii Graphics & Signs

Bii Graphics & Signs is a private company located in Eldoret. It was started in 2010 but has grown tremendously over the years since then to be one of the best graphic designers in Eldoret now. They are committed to offering clients quality services at competitive prices and always work hard to beat deadlines.

They advise their customers on the solutions that are best suited to them and the costs before they embark on working on projects. Their customers are drawn locally and internationally. They include Restaurants, Hotels, Government agencies, NGOs, Corporates, Schools, and individuals among others.

Bii Graphics offers a wide range of high-quality graphic design services. Examples are Car wraps, Logos, Brochures, Signages, Business cards, Calendars, Letterheads, Rollup banners, flyers, and many more.

Contact details:


Email: /

Phone: +254 725 375 285 / +254 734 375 285

Address: Tabain Plaza Off Ronald Ngala Street, P.O.Box 7775-30100, Eldoret, Kenya.

2.    Mordant Brands Ltd.

Mordant Brands is a company in Eldoret that provides graphic design, branding, and printing services. Their main mission is to satisfy their customers by providing them with high-quality and presentable products. They focus mainly on the needs of their clients intending to make their brands sellable without struggling much. The company takes pride in its entire portfolio and the experience it has gained working for various firms, brands, and individuals since it was started.

While working, Mordant Brands depend on new ideas and skills as they learn to adapt to new technologies that are constantly changing. They use different strategies and creativity all the time to achieve great results. With that, they can design and print different forms of graphics like flyers, signages, logos, brochures, and others.

Contact details:



Phone: +254 706 554 966 / +254 796 971 835

Address: Tarita Centre, 2nd Floor, Ronald Ngala Street, Eldoret, Kenya.

3.    Chei Graphics

If you need branding services from one of the best graphic designers in Eldoret for your business, Chei Graphics is up to the task. They have a team that is dedicated to creating strong brands for businesses. By doing this, they will help set your business apart from the rest, attract more customers and bring it to life. This will eventually translate to increased sales.

They offer branding services in different ways like graphic design, in & outdoor branding, brand identity, and fabric printing. They produce well-designed and printed branding items like 3D signages, rollup banners, flyers, logos, wedding programmes, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, and many more.

They take pride in their portfolio where they have worked with big companies like Safaricom and airlines like Renegade Air and Maandeeq Air where they have done plane branding services. They have also done car branding, t-shirt printing, and mug printing for different entities.

Contact details:



Whatsapp: +254 720 144 224

4.    Soko Brand

Soko Brand is one of the top graphic designers in Eldoret. It offers excellent branding services not only to businesses or companies but also to individuals. They are flexible and offer customizable services that are in line with their customers’ preferences while advising them on the best strategies for the good of their businesses.

Soko Brand offers branding services, printing services, and branded products of different types. They include print publications, vehicle branding, campaign printing, carrier bag printing, branded water bottles, business cards, office tags, promotional gift items, outdoor branding, and more.

On their portfolio list are a good number of local companies and organisations. They include Safaricom, KVDA, Vihiga county government, Rupa, Lelmokwo boys’ high school, and more. If you would like to get their services, then you can reach out to them via their contact details below:

5.    Agetake Kreatives

Agetake Kreatives is a leading firm that deals with services such as digital marketing, branding, web design, and graphic design in Eldoret. Their main objective is to satisfy their customers by giving them their best quality services at affordable prices and to keep them returning for more, or referring other customers.

Agetake Kreatives is a one-stop shop for branding and digital marketing services. They offer a wide range of those services that include web design, graphic design, creative marketing, app development, cinematography, branding, and whiteboard videos. Their graphic design and branding services are good and produce exceptional results.

Contact details:



Phone: +254 734 877 508 / +254 727 483 643.

6.    Obbie Concepts

Since proper branding of a business has its benefits, you can hire a graphic designer to work on your brand. Obbie Concepts is one of the best graphic designers in Eldoret that can do a perfect job. It offers design, branding, and printing services of different types like business cards, promotional materials, staff IDs, logos, flyers, and posters.

Apart from graphic design and branding, they also offer web design services. If you need their services, you can contact them on their telephone number, +254 724 464 232.

7.    Cyprina Technologies

Cyprina Technologies is a technological firm that offers ICT-related services in Eldoret. It provides a wide range of services such as web design, web hosting, email hosting, web management, and graphic design.

They have different kinds of printers capable of producing good quality services in graphic design and branding. They help to bring your ideas to life and refine them to match your needs. They offer a wide range of those services which are logos, flyers, vehicle branding, magazine printing, posters, office branding, and many more.

Contact details:



Phone: +254 743 323 382 / +254 703 175 680

Address: Kogo Plaza, Muliro Road, Eldoret, Kenya.

8.    4d Kenya Graphics

4D Graphics Kenya is a graphic design firm in Eldoret that offers a wide range of branding and printing services to businesses and individuals. using large format printers, digital printers, and custom branding, they can produce a wide variety of creatively designed products such as desktop calendars, pull-up banners, posters, mugs, t-shirts, and teardrop banners among others. They also offer other services that include the production of stamps and company seals.

Contact details:



Phone: +254 705 831 144

Address: Oginga Odinga Street, Eldoret, Kenya.

9.    Kiluyi Branding

Kiluyi Branding is a firm in Eldoret that offers graphic design and branding services in the form of printed items such as t-shirts, mugs, neckties, reflector jackets, and caps. They also offer custom printing services for events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and others.

If you need their services, they are situated along Dharma Road, Petresha Building, 2nd Floor Room S12, P.O.BOX 5019, Eldoret, Kenya. You can also email them at or call them on +254 703 461 849.

10.  Hope Brand

Branding is important for providing visual information about your company and also for identification purposes. Hope Brand is a graphic design and branding firm in Eldoret that offers design and printing of banners, stickers, window graphics, reflective stickers, lightboxes, car branding, logos, signages, and many more.

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Contact details:


Phone: +254 726 239 033.


If you own a business in Eldoret whether small or big, you should seriously consider seeking branding services from the graphic designers that we have shared above. This will go a long way in ensuring that your business gets recognised from far and wide.

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