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Top 10 Best Graphic Designers in Kisumu

If you have a business in Kisumu and are looking for ways to increase your sales, one secret to achieve that is to seek branding services from a graphic designer. There are many of them in Kisumu that you might want to try. We have highlighted for you in this article a list of top 10 best graphic designers in Kisumu. We believe that these firms will offer excellent branding services that will help elevate your business to the next level.

With creative teams, most of these companies use hi-tech equipment like printers of different kinds to produce high-quality work. It will also be great to find a professional designer that engages with you throughout the design process, listens to your preferences, and completes your projects on time.

List of Top 10 Best Graphic Designers in Kisumu that Offer Branding Services
1.    County Prints and Design

If you need a graphic designer in Kisumu that is passionate, experienced, professional, and innovative, County Prints and Design will sort you out. It is a registered company that was started in 2015. It offers a wide range of graphic design, printing, and branding services to businesses, brands, organizations, and individuals.

Their graphic design services are done with the aim of improving brand recognition. They also work with their clients throughout the design process until their desired outcomes are achieved. They use different types of quality papers to produce clear and high-quality printed items.

The company can produce a wide range of well-designed and printed items such as business cards, posters, flyers, brochures, wedding cards, t-shirts, umbrellas, mugs, pens, key holders, calendars, and many others.

Contact details:



Phone: +254 721 597 899

Address: Ground Floor, Reinsurance Plaza, Oginga Odinga Street, P.O BOX 7127-40100, Kisumu, Kenya.

2.    National Printing Press Ltd

National Printing Press Limited is a design and print company in Kisumu that was born over 60 years ago. With the experience achieved in all those years, it has evolved and constantly adapted to the ever-changing market and technology. They offer their services to Non-Governmental Organizations, offices, schools, government agencies, and commercial enterprises.

National Printing Press offers a wide range of services to clients. They include stationery, printing, promotional media printing, screen & heat press printing, and engraving among others. They produce a wide variety of carefully designed and printed products that include packaging materials, pens, geometry sets, letterheads, business cards, books, magazines, and many more.

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Contact details:



Phone: +254 720 648 888 / +254 734 974 391 / +254 572 024 625 / +254 572 024 195

Address: Oginga Odinga Road, P.O. Box 224 – 40100, Kisumu, Kenya.

3.    Oak Nation

Do you need a graphic designer in Kisumu for branding and other related services? If you do, you can seek Oak Nation’s services. It is an independent and bold graphic designer that has a gifted, creative, and hardworking team whose work is to design, write, and develop. This is done according to their customers’ preferences with the objective of making their businesses successful. It offers services to brands, businesses, and individuals.

Apart from graphic design, the company also offers branding, video advertisements, and animation services. Whether you want logos, brand kit designs, brand guidelines, posters, brochures, web design, banners, animated posters or web banners, Oak Nation has got it all.

Contact details:



Phone: +254 790 380 973

Address: Quinten Mall, 1st Floor, Suite A006, Kisumu, Kenya.

4.    Digital Ducks

If you need branding and graphic design services in Kisumu, you can reach out to Digital Ducks. It is a digital marketing company that offers a wide range of branding, graphic design, social media marketing, content creation, web development, mobile app development, and software reselling services.

They specialize in providing a strong online presence to businesses and brands. The purpose for this is to give their products increased visibility by more people and hence an increase in sales. The company has an experienced and effective team that collaborates and adapts to the latest trends in the market.

They have a creative studio where their branding and graphic design services are produced. They include logos, brochures, banners, business cards, and posters to name just a few. If you need graphic design, branding, or any related services from them, you can visit their website,, or make a call to them via their mobile number, +254 718 542 880.

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5.    J J Arts

J J Arts is a firm that offers graphic design, branding, and consultation services in Kisumu. Through dynamic branding solutions, they help firms, businesses, and influencers to get noticed by a wider audience.

The company offers excellent branding services to other firms, personal branding, artistic creations, and interior design. From these services, they can produce well-designed logos, color palettes as well as create a stronger social media presence.

Contact details:



Phone: +254 710 914 011 / +254 790 427 530

6.    K-kings Graphics

K-kings Graphics is undoubtedly one of the top graphic designers and branding service providers in Kisumu. Whether you need logos, banners, or nicely designed t-shirts and caps, K-kings graphics offers all those services and even more. The company is reliable and maintains professionalism as they engage clients seeking their services.

It has a team of marketing experts who are passionate about graphic design, branding, and technology. They offer a wide range of graphic design and branding services that include brochures, business cards, logos, banners, posters, flyers, mugs, plates, t-shirts, caps, and many more.

Apart from the different services within graphic design and branding, they also have expertise in web development, digital marketing, and internet services.

Contact details:


Phone: +254 720 033 004  / +254 706 790 242

Address: Kondele Roundabout, Nyawita Business Center, Kisumu, Kenya.

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7.    Jade Company Limited

Do you need graphic design and branding services in Kisumu? Jade Company Limited is a company in Kisumu that offers top-quality graphic design, branding, and printing services at affordable rates. It combines innovation and ideas with technology to produce top-quality products.

They have produced a wide variety of items for numerous firms, organizations, businesses, and individuals. such as campaign materials, eulogies, embroidery, t-shirts, service charters, and many more. Additionally, they produce customized waterproof labels for human food products that are refrigerator-friendly.

Contact details:


Phone: +254 724 607 531 / +254 726 399 993

Address: Manyatta Area, Kisumu, Kenya

8.    Blue Print Solutions

When a team of creative individuals combines with Good quality equipment like computers and printers, the outcome will definitely be phenomenal. That is exactly the case with Blue Print Solutions. It is a company located in Kisumu that offers a wide range of branding and graphic design solutions. The company creates high-quality graphics for individuals and organizations using digital strategies.

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With their competitive prices, you can get a wide range of well-designed and printed graphic images and texts. You can get them on t-shirts, mugs, caps, directory signs, signages, reflective illuminated signs, watches, lightboxes, and many more. Additionally, they offer vehicle branding services at affordable prices.

If you need their services, you can reach out to them through:

9.    Skimm Creative

Skimm Creative is a company in Kisumu that has the expertise to make your brand get noticed and eventually grow. They are able to achieve this by using various means and techniques such as graphic design, brand identity design, and web design.

Skimm Creative has been able to deliver quality branding and graphic design work to corporates since its inception. They have a design team that works on projects strictly in line with their clients’ specifications.

Contact details:



Phone / Whatsapp:  +254 727 295 377

10.          Graphica Branding & Advertisements

If you need proper branding for your business in Kisumu, Graphics Branding & Advertisement is one of the best graphic designers to go to. They are passionate, creative, and proficient enough for high-quality output in every project they work on.

They offer graphic design services like t-shirt printing, posters, logos, teardrop banners, telescope banners, roll-ups, calendars, mug printing, business cards, letterheads, and many more.

In case you would like to get their services, their email address is You can alternatively call them on +254 722 274 013.

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There is no better way to distinguish your business from your competitors than branding. It helps to get it elevated and more recognizable by your prospective clients. Therefore, it will be prudent to spare some cash to hire a graphic designer who will help you with it.


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