Top 11 Best Drug Rehabilitation Centres In Kenya

Rehabilitation center is a place where people who are addicted with drugs are treated or reformed and aid health recovery. Kenya has many people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. The most abuse drugs in Kenya include; tobacco, cocaine, bhang, heroin, narcotics and alcohol. Most of the best rehabilitation centres in Kenya offer excellent services.

The only way to help society is by treating the addict through a reputable drug rehab program. This has made the ministry of health to come up with rehabilitation centers across the country. Examples of those rehabilitation centers are;

Top 11 Best Drug Rehabilitation Centres In Kenya
  1. Fountain of hope addiction treatment center
  2. The John Mututho Empowerment center ( JOMEC )
  3. Serene Rehabilitation center
  4. Nairobi Place Addiction Treatment Center
  5. Nairobi Outreach Servicers Trust – Maisha House
  6. Precision Counseling and rehabilitation Home
  7. Brightside Drug Abuse Rehabilitation and Treatment Center found in Nairobi
  8. Dove International Mental Health Management and Counseling Services
  9. Promises Treatment and Rehabilitation Center
  10. Shauri Moyo Boys Rehabilitation Center
  11. Asumbi Treatment and Rehabilitation Center.
Factors To Consider When Choosing A Rehabilitation Center

Before one chooses a rehab center, there are some factors to consider. The factors include; outpatient and inpatient option, speciality in treating what the addict is addicted to, the location of the facility, duration in which the addict takes in the facility until complete recovery, medical supervision, staff  credentials, charges and if the NHIF can be used.

Top 11 Best Drug Rehabilitation Centres In Kenya

1 .Fountain of Hope Addiction Treatment Center

The Fountain of Hope Addiction Treatment Center is one of the best rehabilitation center in Kenya that offers quality services to drug addict. It serves both young and old people and all gender. It has both outpatient and inpatient program basing on social safety and the length the length of the problem.

It has specialist who treat the addict considering the kind of substance one used, the period of addiction and general health condition. This help to avoid relapse due to undergoing treatment which is not suitable for individual needs. The facility has some arrangements for family day. This is done once in a month. Visiting day enables the patient to progress with treatment smoothly without much stress.

The visiting day also makes the addict to feel loved and cared by his or her family members which speed up the recovery when visited by his family members. The family is also reassured on the treatment given by the rehab center when they see the improvement. Family day also help the family to know where they can support their patient recovery after care.

Fountain of Hope Addiction Treatment Center offers full time services which enable one to fully recover. Before a person is hospitalized, there is multi-disciplinary assessment which determines patient health conditions and serve as pre-treatment. The charge for this is 10,000 shillings. They also have a pre-paid program which aid to pre-admission assessment treatment fees. The money is secured because no cash is accepted. The transaction is made through; cheque or bank account, pay through mobile money transfer using M-pesa and using ATM card.

Outpatient full treatment lasting three months and the charges are one hundred and fifty thousand shillings while inpatient lasting ninety days and the cost being three hundred and fifty five thousand an inpatient lasting forty five days all inclusive fee of two hundred and sixty five thousand shillings.

Contact information for more inquiry

Office phone number: +254796656300 or 0718210642 or 0720326306

Phone number: 0208081333 or 0731393772


Physical location: Ondiri area off Kikuyu Road.

  1. The Mututho Empowerment Center ( JOMEC)

The Mututho rehab is found in Nakuru Kenya. It is one of the best rehabilitation center ranked in Africa because of its well improved facilities. These facilities include; swimming pool, gyms, e.t.c. It is also introducing a level four hospital which will be easier to deal with mental issues. These modern facilities make this rehab to be a place for peace and cool environment. This also helps to improve the recovery of the drug addict from abusing the drug and substances.

The patient in this rehab is lucky because the former National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) chairman is working in here. He is a specialist in alcohol and drug abuse thus working with passion. JOMEC rehabilitation has its unique and special treatments which attract people’s attention.

There are treatment like psychotherapy and well balance diet in terms of food nutrition that make the drug addict sober and stable in mind. This rehabilitation center has been chosen as a role model to other rehabs. Therefore, it is about to be used as a benchmarking facility internationally to those countries interested.

Its fame has gained trust to many people, moreover, some prominent people have been treated in this rehabilitation center. These prominent who have been treated here are; ministers, police, bankers and other senior public servants. Experts from different continents are expected to pay a visit to the facility and see for themselves what is happening there.

Most rehabilitation centers offer treatment lasting for three months while Mututho Empowerment Center uses a period of twenty one to forty two days for treatment. However, according to NACADA charges range from one hundred and twenty thousand shillings to three hundred thousand shillings for ninety days while John Mututho Empowerment Center charges range from thirty thousand to fifty thousand per month. Mututho rehab has affordable fee payment to all in need for better change. The patient can as well use NHIF to cover at least four percent of the inclusive fee.

Contact information for John Mututho Empowerment Center


Tel: +254 774514635 or +254 701963614


County: Nakuru

Location: Along Nakuru – Nairobi Highway, Mwariki Estate.

  1. Serene Rehabilitation Center

Serene Rehabilitation Center is located in Nairobi. It is registered as a private center which provide for both inpatient and outpatient services. It is associated to National Authority for the Campaign  Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse with one aim, which is to fight drug, so that its patients may come out of danger and live normal life.

Serene treats both men and women suffering from drug abuse and those in process to be addicted. The facility has specialized treatment options. These options are; psychotherapy, individual counseling and group counseling. It also has group therapy, detoxification program and spiritual care for well being of their clients.

Since rehabilitation center is a place for treating people who are drug addict, Serene rehab has also social amenities which cheers up the patients and help in healthy progress. Examples of the social amenities are; gym where people go to exercise muscles, basketball court to exercise their body parts, recreational activities like swimming to cool the body and relaxing mind, WIFI for patient to browse and keep themselves busy on internet. Serene also provides twenty four hours care which enable monitoring of the patient’s progress easier.

Related companies to Serene Rehabilitation Center

  1. A) The Serenity Treatment Center -00100-42111, Nairobi
  2. B) Vigen Medical Service found at Ole Odume Road, Nairobi.

Furthermore, Serene Hospital and Rehabilitation center work with mission and vision. Its vision is to lead rehabilitation center by giving exceptional patient experience through research. Its mission is to provide the best quality rehabilitation services to enable each patient gain their functional recovery and have better life. This enables the patients to have new beginning and start working well as other normal human being.

The latest news about Serene Rehabilitation Center is that, they are there to help families affected with drug, alcohol and substances addiction. Therefore, they have come up with treatment program that involves the family members in the whole process of treatment. This is to help the family to understand the impact of drug addict and stand as one to fight the use of drug, substances and alcohol.

Since this rehab cares about families, it sometimes offers discount to the normal charges. There is also after care consultation where Serene center makes a follow up to check on their clients after treatment.

Contact information of Serene Rehabilitation Center

  1. Nairobi Place Addiction Treatment Center

Nairobi Rehabilitation Center is there to competently help people in the society prosper in life and live happily. It also make sure that the addicted person is free from the drug addiction other moods or feelings. This rehab is found in Nairobi Kenya in karen area close to medical facility and next to airport.

Nairobi Place Rehabilitation Treatment Center is registered as private medical institution. The center comprises high quality addiction treatment facilities and specialist providing detoxification from substances. The services to the patient take place in conducive environment. This rehabilitation center is under the psychiatrist known as John Mburu, supported other team comprised of addict counselors. The services are offered full time of twenty four hours.

The motive of Nairobi Place Addiction Treatment Center is to successfully assist patients to return to normal life, without any danger related to alcohol and drug abuse, gain  appetite on food, be sober and of sound mind. The treatment is based on the different types of addictive substances which help the patient not turn back or relapse. This facility makes the patient to understand the side effects of drug abuse physically, mentally, emotionally and socially. The Nairobi Place treatment Center team works together to provide the patient with the psychological tools which help them  to be responsible for their recover.

This rehab offers treatment program in group, individual therapy, art therapy and classes for relaxation which help the patient to be stress free and manage stress, have social skills support. Since every center has its own way of conducting treatment, Nairobi Place Rehabilitation Center has also its unique way of handling treatment too. It has family support program where family members are part of recovery process. This help them to know the effects of addiction and know how to support themselves instead of rely on drug addict. Counseling, family therapy and free recovery are included in program at Nairobi Addiction Place Center. It also encourage those affected with drugs to ask for help because the early the better for recovery.

Contact information for Nairobi Place Addiction Treatment Center

Tel: 0733440000



Mokoyeti West Road, Nairobi Kenya-2158-00502

  1. Asumbi Treatment Center

Asumbi Treatment Center is a rehab found in Homa-bay county in Kenya. It is registered as public health care service. The center is under Catholic Diocese of Homa-bay. This facility is one of the oldest rehabilitation center in Africa. It has an experience of over thirty years.  Since the rehabilitation is under religion leaders, its purpose is to grow spiritually and personal growth, learn to care for people around, change lifestyle and psychological growth. The duty of this rehab is to change someone’s life and be a role model to others and be responsible to personal issues.

The treatment is done to individual and this occurs in weekly basis at any time as long as the client is available. They also offer family therapy to enable family members accept and identify the effect of drug abuse to individual, society and economically. Their focus is in spiritual growth hence help the patient to be close to God and do away with some lifestyle. It also enables the person to accept change and know how to live with other people around them.

Like any other rehabilitation center, Asumbi offers services to all gender. It also has inpatient and outpatient. They treat any drug addiction disorders and help the patient to be in normal life and live happily. The treatment last for a period of three months in which the charges are one hundred and fifty thousand shillings per month.

Contact information for Asumbi Treatment Center

Tel: (020)2700126 or 0736091565 or 0727151813 or 0721553814


Physical location: Homa Bay

Most rehab centers are located in towns for easy accessibility. The charges are affordable for those who needs to reform from their addiction. The services are of high quality to enable the wellbeing of the patient’s health and his or her socialization to other people. The treatment is sufficient to all drug and substances.

The above mentioned rehabilitation centers and many other have one common goal to achieve. Their aim is to help people come out from dangers of alcohol and drug abuse, live happier, be responsible and change for better.

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