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Best Car Battery Brands to Buy in Kenya

If you are a car owner, you understand that many car parts wear out and must be replaced frequently. The car battery is one of those crucial parts that need to be replaced for the proper functioning of the car. A good car battery is durable, does not discharge faster, and can power up the engine easily. With too many car battery brands in Kenya, it is difficult to differentiate those that provide durable and reliable car batteries from ordinary ones. To make your work easier, we have created a list in this article that will enlighten you on some of the best car battery brands to buy in Kenya.

Before we dive into that, you should first know that car batteries come in different sizes, so you should buy a suitable one for your car. You should also be aware that there are the traditional serviceable wet batteries and the now widely used maintenance-free batteries. Wet batteries need constant checking of the battery water level in every cell and replenishing when necessary. On the other hand, maintenance-free batteries are sealed and do not need to be maintained at all. Serviceable batteries are cheaper but offer less resistance to cold temperatures than maintenance-free ones. Solar batteries are also available but are specifically designed to be used with solar panels to power homes and will not last if used in vehicles.

List of the Best Car Battery Brands to Buy in Kenya
1.    Amaron

Amaron is one of the best and most durable car battery brands you can buy in Kenya. They are made using world-class technology and are thoroughly tested to ensure that they fulfil the required quality standards. Their batteries are designed to withstand high temperatures and are fitted with a high-quality casing to boost their durability.

Amaron builds different batteries suitable for different vehicle models, making it the most preferred car battery brand in Kenya. Whether it is a hatchback, sedan, SUV, farm vehicle, or motorbike, you will always get an Amaron battery that matches your vehicle’s specifications, ensuring that the battery performs to its optimum best and lasts longer.

Amaron car battery

2.    Bosch Batteries

Bosch is a car battery brand that produces some of the most durable and reliable batteries. With their cutting-edge battery manufacturing technology, they are able to produce batteries with the best deep-cycle resistance, good handles for safe transportation, and twice the lifetime of ordinary car batteries.

Bosch designs batteries for every car type. Some of them support the latest start-stop technology found in modern cars, satisfy the highest electrical demand in any car, and offer the right fit with the right quality. All Bosch Batteries are 100% maintenance-free.

Below are some of the available categories of Bosch Batteries and their features:

  • S3 batteries are designed for older vehicles with less electrical demands.
  • S4 batteries are suitable for mid-sized vehicles with higher electrical demands.
  • S5 batteries deliver steadfast power in extreme temperatures and high demand situations.
  • S6 AGM Batteries feature the latest start-stop technology and up to two times longer life. They also have 30% more deep cycle and vibration resistance than conventional batteries and a 100% leakproof seal.
  • Lithium-ion PowerSport Battery
  • T4 Quality Performance Battery
  • T5 Dual Purpose Performance Battery
  • T6 High-Performance AGM Battery
3.    Energizer Batteries

If you are looking for the best performing car battery brand to buy in Kenya, then you should try Energizer. It is a reputable and globally renowned premium car battery manufacturer. Their batteries are specifically designed for different vehicle categories like trucks, commercial vehicles, and light vehicles.

All Energizer batteries have safety lids for protection. Some have safety valves to help get rid of too much pressure in the battery. Their batteries also charge faster, giving them an edge over conventional batteries. They collaborate with high-end car manufacturers to ensure that their standards match those of luxury vehicles.

Energizer Car Batter

4.    Chloride Exide

Chloride Exide is another popular and one of Kenya’s most trusted car battery brands. It is efficient, durable, and holds power for longer than many other car battery brands in Kenya. Chloride Exide designs batteries that withstand vibrations caused by vehicles driving on rough terrains. They also design batteries for larger vehicles like tractors, trucks, and commercial vehicles.

Chloride Exide has service centres across the country and the East African region. They provide up to one year warranty on their products, including maintenance-free automotive batteries, solar deep cycle batteries, and automotive lead-acid batteries.

Chloride Exide

5.    Odyssey

Odyssey is a cost-effective and reliable car battery brand you can buy in Kenya. It uses cutting-edge technology to make its batteries very reliable and long-lasting. Odyssey batteries can withstand shocks and vibrations better than other types of batteries. One of the best things about Odyssey batteries is their significant fast recharge time. They can be fully recharged for four to six hours, depending on the size of the alternator.

6.    Spark MF

Spark MF is another great car battery brand to buy in Kenya. They have superior power that will keep your car moving and are always dependable. They are maintenance-free batteries manufactured using calcium technology, making them more efficient, resistant to corrosion, lower gassing, and reduced self-discharge.

7.    Varta

Varta offers some of the best, most durable, and most efficient car batteries in Kenya. It is one of the world’s most trusted car battery manufacturers that even car-makers factory-fit Varta batteries to new vehicles. Whether you need a car battery for a truck or a small family car, Varta offers them all.

8.    Maxxis

Maxxis is a reputable brand recognised for producing high-quality and world-class products. Their car batteries are made using the best materials and modern technology. Maxxis batteries are maintenance-free, heat resistant, have reinforced casing, durable, and can withstand extreme conditions such as high temperatures.

9.    KV Batteries

If you are having trouble with your current unreliable and worn-out car battery, you need to replace it with a new, durable, and strong one. KV battery has all the characteristics of a good battery brand, and you should consider going for it to avoid future disappointments. They manufacture both serviceable and maintenance-free batteries, but the best bet would be on the maintenance-free ones.

10.  Atlas BX

Atlas BX is a Korean-owned battery brand that provides some of the most reliable car batteries that you can buy in Kenya. It was the first company to manufacture maintenance-free batteries in South Korea in 1980. It is now among the global industry leaders in battery manufacturing technology.

Atlas BX batteries are compatible with various car brands and models. Some designs have been made for modern vehicle models to cater for new technologies like the start-stop feature. Whether you own an American, European, or Asian vehicle, you will always find an Atlas BX battery for your car.

11.  Autobat

Autobat is a Polish battery manufacturer and one of the best battery brands to buy in Kenya. Advanced technologies are incorporated in the manufacture of high-standard batteries that are internationally approved. They provide some of the most powerful and durable car batteries with low maintenance.

Some of Autobat battery features include instant cranking, high charge acceptance, vibration resistance, low antimony selenium alloy on the electrodes, high energy density, and instant charge.

12.  Mixtech

Mixtech is one of the most durable battery brands to buy in Kenya. It has successfully eliminated acid stratification, the number one cause of battery failure, extending battery life. Acid stratification happens when the acid in the battery settles at the bottom and destroys the plates, leading to the premature death of the battery.

Mixtech uses an innovative 360 degrees acid mixing technology that prevents acid build-up from destroying the plates, eventually extending the battery life up to two times. It uses the vehicle’s natural movement to mix the electrolyte inside the vehicle continuously to eliminate acid stratification.


When buying a car battery in Kenya, you should always look for brands that are trusted and proven to serve their purpose well. Furthermore, you should always inquire about the availability of the warranty and its period.

The car battery brands listed above are just a few we could gather, but there are many more reliable and durable car battery brands that you can buy in Kenya. You will only have to do your due diligence and research well before spending your money on them.

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