Nairobi School KCSE Performance, Admission Requirements, Postal Address, KNEC Code, Fee Structure, Bank Account, KCSE Results And Contacts

Nairobi School is a boys’ National School in Kenya located along Waiyaki way, Westlands Constituency in Nairobi city some 11 Kilometers from the  Nairobi City centre in Kenya. In this article, I will share details of Nairobi School KCSE Performance, Physical Location, Admission Requirements, Postal Address, KNEC Code, Fees charged by the school, how you can Contact the school and related information about the school.

The school was founded in 1902 by the British settlers who had made Nairobi their home after the construction of the Uganda Railway. In 1925, Lord Delamere and Sir Edward Grigg, then Governor of Kenya, separated the European Nairobi School into a senior boys’ school (Prince of Wales School), a senior girls’ school (Kenya High School) and a junior school.

Today the school, named after Kenya’s capital, is one of the leading National Schools in the country. Nairobi School sits on over 80 ha (200 acres) of land about 11 kilometres from the city centre and has over 1100 students currently enrolled.

The school is funded by the ministry of education and teaching the Competency Based Curriculum(CBC). This is a cluster three  public national school under the Ministry of Education in Kenya and is known for posting great KCSE results over years.

Nairobi School Physical Location and Direction

Nairobi School is located along Waiyaki way, Westlands Constituency in Nairobi city some 11 Kilometers from the  Nairobi City centre in Kenya. The school is easily accessible from Nairobi City.

Nairobi School Postal Address: P.O Box 30047,Nairobi – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi School KNEC Code. How To Check KCSE Results

The school KNEC code for Nairobi School is 20400002. You can use this school KNEC code together with index number to get the KCSE result of students. You can check KCSE results from this school by sending an SMS with your full index number (11digits) eg 20400002001 followed by the word KCSE to 20076.

Nairobi School KCSE Performance

Nairobi School posted a Mean Score of 9.543(B+) in 2022 KCSE exams from a class of 503 candidates. The school has consistently posted positive results in the previous years with higher university admission rate. Most of the candidates score mean grades of between A and C+.

Nairobi School

Nairobi School Admission Requirements

To get an admission chance to this school you need to meet the cluster requirement for national schools set by the ministry of education. To increase your chance for admission to Nairobi, KCSE candidates need to have scored 400 and above marks in KCSE exams. Admission to this school is done trough the Ministry of Education. However, those seeking admissions can though directly contact the school or pay a visit for further guidelines.

Nairobi School Fee Structure

Being a national school, the fee charged at this school is Ksh. 75,000. However, with the government funding, parents at Nairobi School pay school fees of around Ksh. 53,000 per year. This figure may vary depending on individual school.


Nairobi School Bank Account: To Be Updated

Nairobi School Summary Details

Name of School: Nairobi School

School Location: Nairobi

School Motto: To be Updated

School KNEC Code: 20400002

School Postal Address: P.O Box 30047, Nairobi – 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

School Category: National School

School Cluster: Cluster 3

School  Ownership: Government/Public

School Type: Boy’s Boarding School

School Website:

School Contact: +254 (20) – 4442799

School Email:

Some of the available extra curriculum activities available at Nairobi School include; Drama Club, Debate Club, Sports Club, Scouting, Student Association, Religious Club as well as Music and Drama Club.


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