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How to withdraw money from your Stima SACCO Prime Account

Stima SACCO allows you to withdraw money direct from your prime account also referred to us current account to your Mpesa wallet of other bank account. This is possible when you want to withdraw loan amount you had applied for or dividends.

The SACCO has made this easy through various ways. You can easily withdraw money from your Stima SACCO account using M-pawa mobile app or by dialing *489# M-pawa short code.

How to withdraw money from Stima Sacco Prime account to Mpesa
Via the Mpawa app

1. Download the Mpawa app from Google PlayStore if you do not have the app on your smartphone.
2. Open the application and log in using your details. ie Your Membership number, your ID number and your name.
3. Select on your Prime account to confirm if you have funds deposited in your account and go back to the app menu.
4. Select on withdrawal

5. Select Mpesa option and enter the amount you wish to withdraw.
5. Follow the prompts until you finish the process.
6. You will receive an Mpesa message once the deposit is complete.


1. Open your phone dialer app on your mobile phone and dial *489#.
2. If you are not registered, follow the prompts to activate the service.
3. Select withdraw to Mpesa and enter your Mpawa pin.
4. Once the deposit is complete, you will receive an Mpesa message.

How to transfer funds from Stima Sacco Prime account to any other bank to your Stima

You can easily transfer your money from Stima SACCO to any bank account. To so so you will need to register with M-pawa and select the bank option. Enter the bank account and amount you wish to tranfer and enter your M-pawa PIN to complete the transaction.

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To transfer funds from any other bank to your Stima SACCO Account

You can easily transfer money from any other bank account to your Stima Sacco Prime account using Pesalink. To do this;

Access Pesalink Services and Select Stima Sacco (Under
Banks). Enter account number as below eg

• Prime Account eg 801153836400,
• Enter the amount you wish to pay (between Kes10 –
Kes 999,999.00)
Enter the amount you wish to deposit and complete the process.
If successful you will receive an SMS from Pesalink.


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