How to Protect Yourself From Cyber Attacks

Ransomware viruses, infected flash drives and data leaks cost international companies tens of millions of dollars annually. However many cyber attacks can be avoided if company employees and ordinary users follow simple steps.

Ransomware accounts for more than a quarter of all attacks. Most of these attacks, if they do not lead to the withdrawal of money, then paralyze the work of the business. First of all, the threat comes from corporate and personal mail. Ransomware viruses can be seen in the mail and when downloading and installing unlicensed programs.

Threats for Companies

Devices brought by employees from outside also pose a threat to companies. For example, smartphones or flash drives that could get a virus are a potential threat. An employee can introduce a virus into the entire corporate network by inserting such a drive into a work computer. It is a letter from an attacker, allegedly sent on behalf of the head of the company, with an almost identical mailing address. In response to such a letter, employees disclose confidential data or transfer funds to the accounts of fraudsters. As a result, the world’s largest companies lose tens of millions of dollars a year.

Banks and online gambling platforms statistically are also a great risk. Thus, they spend a lot of money on protecting themselves, because they are dealing with a large amount of money. For example, Bet22 and other online casinos have the latest encryptions to better protect users’ personal information and funds. If you do not use funds for the security of your company eventually it will backfire.

It should be taken into account that the gadgets already familiar to us from the world of the Internet of Things can also pose a threat. Smartwatches, speakers, and refrigerators, also collect information about us. You should not succumb to paranoia, but it is necessary to take into account that these devices are no longer simple hardware.

Human Factor and Minimizing the Risks

The human factor often plays into the hands of attackers. Because of that many companies pay great attention to conducting educational programs. It is a course for their employees on the basic rules of cybersecurity. Even an informed person cannot be 100% protected from a cyberattack. They are constantly being updated and developed. This is one of the reasons why cyber risk insurers actively use the services of cyber intelligence specialists.

Yet there is a certain set of measures that minimizes the risks. For ordinary citizens, as well as for employees of companies this is, first of all, the observance of security steps. You need to work with e-mail, not open attachments, and not follow links from emails from unfamiliar sources. It is recommended to constantly update licensed cybersecurity software.

It is also worth sharing your personal data careful. Make sure that any company or even a state enterprise to which you send your data is really responsible for securing it.

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