13 Best Private Hospitals In Kisumu

Residents of Kisumu have a various options when it comes to the medical care. There are various private hospitals in Kisumu which offer top notch services that you can go for. This hospitals offer not only quality services but are very reliable and affordable to the common Mwananchi.

These private hospitals from Kisumu ensures that patients are accommodated in private wards and are assigned medical specialist depending on the patient’s condition. On this list, we have sampled out some of the best private hospitals in Kisumu you should consider for medical assistance.

Best Private Hospitals In Kisumu

  1. Aga Khan Hospital Kisumu

The Aga Khan Hospital is the largest private hospital in Kisumu, Kenya. The hospital was founded in 1952 and has grown to be one of the best private hospitals in Kisumu.

The Aga Khan Hospital provides comprehensive medical care for patients with both chronic and acute conditions. The facility specializes in cardiology, orthopedics, urology, gynecology, pediatrics and internal medicine.

The hospital also offers outpatient services including radiology services and physiotherapy.

The hospital has an international team of physicians who are trained at some of the best medical schools around the world. Aga Khan Hospital is affiliated to Aga Khan University. It is located at Otieno Oyoo Street, next to Kisumu Boys high school few meters from the Kisumu Central Business District (CBD).

Aga Khan Hospital

  1. Meridian Medical Centre

Meridian Medical Centre is another great private hospital located in Kisumu, Kenya. The hospital is located along Oginga Odinga Street in Kisumu town.

The hospital offers a wide range of medical services, including general surgery, cardiology, gynecology and obstetrics, pediatrics, internal medicine and radiology. Some of the most common procedures performed at the hospital include cataract surgery, knee replacement surgery and open heart surgery.

The hospital has three floors with an intensive care unit (ICU) on each floor. It also has a fully equipped laboratory that provides complete diagnostic imaging services for patients with complicated cases that require radiological diagnosis. The facility also offers outpatient services including lab tests, X-rays and ultrasounds among others.

  1. Avenue Hospital Kisumu

Avenue Hospital Kisumu is a private hospital in Kisumu, Kenya. The hospital provides a wide range of services, including gynecology and obstetrics, surgery and trauma. In addition to its medical services, Avenue Hospital Kisumu also has a surgery center and an intensive care unit (ICU).

The hospital has over of 150 beds in its wards and rooms, as well as ICU beds. The ICU provides 24-hour care for patients who require critical care during their recovery from surgery or an injury.

The facility also offers general outpatient services, such as internal medicine and pediatrics; however, most of its patients are admitted for treatment after being involved in an accident or suffering from an illness that requires surgery or other invasive procedures.

Avenue Healthcare Clinic is located opposite Kibuye Market, a few meters from the Kisumu stage along the busy Kisumu-Kakamega Road.

  1. Kisumu Specialist Hospital

If you’re looking for a hospital that’s both high-quality and affordable, you should check out Kisumu Specialist Hospital. This private hospital in Kisumu offers a wide range of services and procedures, including general medicine, surgery, orthopedics and dentistry.

They also have a 24-hour emergency room, so you can rest easy knowing that if something happens to your loved one or yourself in the middle of the night, they’ll be taken care of immediately.

The staff at Kisumu Specialist Hospital is friendly and accommodating—they’ll go out of their way to make sure that you feel comfortable during your stay. And because this is a private hospital, it offers better service than many public facilities.

Kisumu Specialist Hospital is located in Mkendwa, along Kisumu -Kakamega Road.

  1. Doctors Plaza

Doctors Plaza is a private hospital located in Kisumu, Kenya. It is a spacious and well-maintained facility that offers a variety of services, including outpatient care, imaging, and surgical procedures. The hospital also has an on-site pharmacy that carries a wide selection of medications and over-the-counter products.

The hospital has board-certified physicians who specialize in cardiology, pediatrics and gynaecology. They offer 24/7 emergency services as well as physical therapy services and cardiovascular testing.

This best private hospital in Kisumu is located in Tom Mboya Estate, Kisumu.

  1. Jalaram Nursing & Maternity Home

Jalaram Nursing & Maternity Home in Kisumu, Kenya is one of the best private hospitals in the country. This hospital offers superlative services to its patients and has a reputation for providing quality care at affordable prices.

The hospital is staffed by expert doctors and nurses who are dedicated to providing quality care and state-of-the-art technology to all its patients. It also has an excellent staff that includes nutritionists, physiotherapists and many more professionals who will be able to help you with whatever problems you might be facing while staying there.

  1. Nightingale Medical Centre

Nightingale Medical Centre is located in Kisumu, Kenya. It was established in 1984, and it is a private hospital. The hospital has a total of 36 beds and provides services such as angiography, cardiology, general surgery, gynaecology and obstetrics, internal medicine and paediatrics.

The hospital has a number of specialties including cardiology, general surgery and heart surgery. The hospital has an 18 bedded Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with fully equipped anaesthetic machines and facilities for intubation, ventilation and emergency surgery.

Nightingale Medical Centre also offers pre-operative services such as blood tests, ECG and X-rays to ensure that patients are fit enough for treatment before undergoing any surgery or other invasive procedures at the facility.

Nightingale Medical Centre offers comprehensive medical services to patients who require medical attention during the night hours as well as during weekends when most other hospitals are closed due to their operating hours being limited by law or lack of staff members willing to work overtime hours due to low pay rates offered by employers.

The hospital is located near Tumaini Supermarket, Along Kondele-Kibos Road

  1. Milimani Maternity Hospital

Milimani Maternity Hospital is a private hospital that provides maternity services to women in Kisumu. It offers a wide range of services, including prenatal and postnatal care, labor and delivery, cesarean section, and more. The hospital also has an emergency room for those who need immediate attention. They offer quality yet affordable services.

The hospital has close to 50 beds, including 25 for maternity patients, and serves approximately 8,000 patients every year. It has a fully-equipped laboratory for blood testing and analysis, as well as an X-ray department with digital imaging equipment.

Milimani Maternity Hospital

  1. St. Jairus Hospital

St. Jairus hospital is another great private hospital in Kisumu, Kenya. St. Jairus hospital is a private hospital located in Kisumu, Kenya. The hospital provides health care services to all its patients from all over the world.

The hospital has a very good reputation because of the excellent services that it offers to its patients. This is one of the reasons why many people prefer to visit this hospital for their health care needs.

The hospital also has a well-equipped laboratory that performs various tests on your blood sample before giving you advice regarding what treatment to take next.

St. Jairus hospital is located  Off Kisumu-Busia Road, opposite Kisumu International Airport.

  1. St Lukes Medical Centre

The St Lukes Medical Centre is a private hospital located at Jomo Kenyatta Highway, Kisumu Town. It was founded in 2003. The hospital has been providing medical services to the people of Kisumu and surrounding areas since its founding.

The St Lukes Medical Centre has a full range of medical services, including surgical, maternity, pediatrics, intensive care, emergency medicine and rehabilitation services. It also has an outpatient department for general practitioners and specialists as well as inpatient care for those needing long-term treatment or who are experiencing chronic conditions such as diabetes or hypertension.

In addition to medical services, the St Lukes Medical Centre also provides training programs for nurses and other healthcare professionals who wish to improve their skills or learn new ones in order to provide better care for their patients.

  1. St. Consolata Hospital

The hospital offers a wide range of services, from general surgery to pediatrics to obstetrics and gynecology. It also has an intensive care unit for patients who require extra support during recovery from surgery or other medical procedures.

The doctors at St. Consolata Hospital are highly trained professionals who have received extensive training at some of the best medical schools in Kenya and abroad. They bring their expertise back to Kisumu where they can help patients recover faster than ever before possible!

St. Consolata Hospital is located at Off Kisumu – Vihiga Road, Kisumu, Kenya, Kisumu County.

  1. Africa Inuka Hospital

Africa Inuka Hospital offers a wide range of services including general surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, dermatology, urology, pediatrics, nephrology and endocrinology. The hospital also has intensive care units for both adults and children as well as an emergency department that is open 24 hours a day.

The staff at Africa Inuka Hospital are committed to providing quality service to all patients who come through their doors regardless of their ability to pay or where they come from. They have been recognized by many organizations throughout Kenya including: The African Medical Research Foundation (AMREF), The Kenya Medical Association (KMA), The International Society for Heart & Lung Transplantation (ISHLT) and The World Health Organization (WHO).

Location: Market Milimani, Kisumu

  1. Oasis Doctors Plaza Kisumu Hospital

Oasis Doctors Plaza Kisumu Hospital is a private hospital that provides quality healthcare for patients of all ages.

The facility is a multi-specialty center, which means we have a wide range of services available to our patients. They have a team of qualified and experienced doctors and staff are ready to provide you with the care you need.

They offer comprehensive services including:


-Ambulatory surgery and diagnostics

-Emergency care

-Inpatient rehabilitation

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