How To Open A KCB Mobi Chama Account

KCB Mobi Chama is a mobile-based banking service offered by Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), one of the largest and most prominent banks in Kenya. Mobi Chama is specifically designed to cater to the needs of chamas, which are informal savings and investment groups commonly found in East Africa. KCB Mobi Chama account helps you to easily transfer funds and transact by simply dialing *225#.

MobiChama allows your investment group to pay, save and borrow conveniently. It also provides accountability of deposits, withdrawals, and approval of loan requests by chama officials. After opening a KCB Mobi Chama account, the easiest way to access your

How to get onto MobiChama
  • Open a group/Chama Account at any KCB Branch
  • Chama members to open individual accounts with KCB
  • Sign up for KCB Mobile banking
  • Link the individual accounts to the Chama Account
  • Officials can add new members or remove existing ones

How to transfer/deposit cash into your Chama Account

1. From an individual’s account in KCB
  • Dial *225#
  • Enter your KCB Mobi PIN
  • Select Chama
  • Select Transact as a Member
  • Select Transfer Funds to Chama
  • Select the specific chama you are paying to
  • Choose account (if you have more than one account at KCB)
  • Enter amount
  • Verify the transaction details and commit the transaction
2. From Safaricom M-PESA
  • Go to Safaricom M-PESA menu
  • Select Pay Bill
  • Enter the KCB business number – 522522
  • Enter your Chama Account number
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN
  • Commit the transaction
Borrow loans from Chama (as a member)
  • Dial *225# to access the mobile platform
  • Select Chama menu
  • Select Transact as a Member
  • Select Borrow Loan from Chama
  • Select the account to be credited (if you have more than one account at KCB)
  • Select the chama (if you have more than one chama)
  • Enter amount you want to borrow
  • Verify the transaction details and Commit the transaction


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