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How To get An Aggregated M-pesa Line And Become An M-Pesa Agent

Getting an aggregated M-pesa line and becoming an M-Pesa  agent is one of the best ways to do business with Safaricom and earn money. Having an aggregated M-Pesa agent line means you are directly registered with Safaricom. This ensures that you get to earn the maximum commission on all M-pesa transactions you make.

To get an aggregated M-Pesa line you will need to look for an authorized Safaricom dealer (Agent) so as to get registered and be issued with an M-pesa agent Till line. There are several authorized Safaricom dealers across the country that you can contact to get registered as an M-pesa agent.

How To get An Aggregated M-pesa Line And Become An M-Pesa Agent

How To Find Authorized Safaricom Dealers

Safaricom has hundreds of Authorized dealers across the country in every town. To find an authorized Safaricon dealer near your, look for any Safaricom Shop branded “AUTHORIZED SAFARICOM DEALER”. If you are not sure, you can visit the nearest Safaricom shop to get the list of all Authorized Safaricom dealers near you. You can as well contact Safaricom through their customer care number for assistance.

Howto get aggregated M-Pesa line
A photo of an M-Pesa Agent attending to a client. [Photo Courtesy]

How To get An Aggregated M-pesa Line And Become An M-Pesa Agent

Requirements For Becoming An M-Pesa  Agent

So, what are the requirements for one to become an Mpesa agent? To get the aggregated M-Pesa till line and start operating your M-pesa shop as an agent, you will need to meet the following minimum requirements.

  1. The dealer may require some payments before you can be issued with a sub- agent aggregated till line. Through my own observation, the dealers charge Sh.15,000 before a Till line is issued to you.
  2. A minimum float of Sh.30,00 is required to maintain the M-Pesa Till line.
  3. Appropriate documents such as Certificate of Good Contact ID of the operator and Business name may be required before an aggregated M-pesa Agent line is issued to an individual.
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Benefits of becoming an M-pesa agent.

M-pesa agents have a number of benefits they get to enjoy in their operations. First, you can easily combine your agent shop alongside other businesses thus minimizing on expenditures. As an M-Pesa agent, you stand to earn a commission on each deposit and withdrawals you facilitate.

Your commission is send at the end of the month directly to your M-Pesa agent line. You can either decide to withdraw and use it or add it to your float to enhance your business.

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Precautions to take

Operating an M-pesa agent comes with a number of per-cautions as well, Should you violate any of the rules that goes against the operational guidelines, Safaricom have the rights to deactivate your M-Pesa agent line at anytime. You are also required to keep your M-Pesa agent till number active as dormant lines are regularly deactivated by safaricom.

Should you face any of the above challenges, contact your dealer for assistance.

how to become an M-pesa Agent

How much commission do M-Pesa agents make?

As i stated earlier, as an agent you will earn a commission on each deposit or withdrawal transaction you make. The table below show the amount of commission you can make as an M-Pesa agent on both withdrawals and deposit transactions you make.

M-Pesa Agent Commission On Deposit

Transaction Band (Ksh)Commission(Ksh)
101 - 5108
511 - 10109
1,011 - 1,51010
1,511 - 2,51011
2,511 - 3,51012
3,511 - 5,01014
5,011 - 7,51020
7,511 - 10,01028
10,011- 15,01040
15,011 - 20,02055
20,021- 25,02071
25,021 - 30,02087
30,021 - 35,020103
35,021- 40,020119
40,021 - 45,020135
45,021 - 50,020150
50,021 - 60,020190
60,021 - 70,000190
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M-Pesa Agent Commission On Withdrawal

Transaction Band (Ksh)Agent Commission (Registered Customers)Agent Commission (Unregistered Customers)
10 - 49N/AN/A
50 - 1005N/A
101 - 50088
501 - 10001010
1,001 - 1,5001212
1,501 - 2,5001515
2,501 - 3,5002020
3,501 - 5,0002525
5,001 - 7,5003030
7,501 - 10,0003535
10,001 - 15,0004545
15,001 - 20,0006060
20,001 - 25,0006565
25,001 - 30,0007070
30,001 - 35,0007070
35,001 - 40,000100N/A
40,001 - 45,000150N/A
45,001 - 50,000180N/A
50,001 - 70,000200N/A

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