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How to fill TSC wealth declaration online

This article is a guide any TSC employed teacher can use to declare their wealth. The good news is that any teacher can fill the TSC wealth declaration form online.

Individuals who hold positions of power or public office, such as government officials, political leaders, or public servants, may be required to fill out a wealth declaration form as part of their ethical obligations or legal requirements. And therefore teachers being part of public servants are also required to declare their wealth.

For a teacher to able to fill this online form, one will needs to have the following information in order to fill out the declaration forms: Name of the public officer, Information on birth (place and date), marital status, address (postal and physical), employment information (designation, employer name, terms of employment, TSC number, Work station and Sub- county).

The TSC submits to the EACC, two-year declarations every July 31 stating the number of people on its payroll. It is also required to state the total number of public officers who have submitted declarations within the prescribed time and those who have failed as of June 30 every year.

How to fill out TSC wealth declaration online step by step

Step 1: Obtain a copy of the wealth declaration form from the your employer.
Step 2: Read the instructions provided on the form carefully to understand the information and documentation required.
Step 3: Gather and organize the necessary documents such as bank statements, property ownership documents, investment portfolios, and other financial records.
Step 5: Go to TSC website, and select Teachers online option under the Online Services. Log in or create your online account and begin filling out the form by providing your personal details, including your name, address, and identification information.
Step 6: Proceed to fill out the sections on income, where you will be required to disclose details of your salary, investments, business income, and any other sources of income.
Step 7: Next, provide information regarding your assets, such as real estate properties, vehicles, and any valuable possessions.
In the liabilities section, disclose any outstanding loans, mortgages, or debts that you may have.
Step 8: Complete the section on expenses, where you will be required to provide details of your monthly or yearly expenses, including utility bills, school fees, and other regular financial obligations.
Finally, review the completed wealth declaration form for accuracy and sign it before submitting it.


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