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How to apply for a motorcycle rider License in Kenya

Motorcycle riders in Kenya can apply for a license and get certified as qualified riders.

For one to be able to apply for and get a motorcycle license one ought to undertake a driving test in a driving school that offers motorcycle licenses before they can be issued with one.

All motorcycle riders in Kenya are required to have the license before they can engage in motorcycle riding.

Without a motorcycle license one cannot engage in bodaboda business or enter into partnership with any company with their motorbike to offer motorcycle transport services.

Now that most riders usually look for the license while they are already good at riding, driving schools take the motorcycle license applicant through the practical test to ascertain their abilities before they can be issued with a Certificate of Competence (C of C).

One must as well undertake the driving lessons to familiarize with driving rules and traffic rules.

How to apply for a motorcycle rider license in Kenya

Below are steps one must follow when applying for a motorcycle rider license in Kenya

  • Enrol in a driving school
  • Apply for a provisional driving License
  • The application for the PDL is done through Kenya’s Government Service Portal E-Citizen E-Citizen NTSA,  a fee of Ksh 650 charged.
  • The PDL becomes available for download and printing after 24 hours.
  • Book for a driving test with national Transport and safety authority.
  • The test booking is done online on and test at NTSA Centres at a fee of Ksh. 650
  • Obtain a Certificate of Competence (C of C)
  • Once an applicant has passed a driving test, he shall be issued with a certificate of competence (C of C) indicating the class or classes of motor vehicle he is permitted to drive this applies to motorcycles a well
  • Apply for a driving License
  • Driving license application can be done through NTSA TIMS portal ; application fee for a digital driving license is Ksh.3050.
  • You will be required to present yourself at the NTSA offices to present your application form and for passport photo taking. Remember to carry with you the payment invoice
  • While you wait for your license, you will be issued with NTSA Interim Driving License which can be used as one waits for the Driving license.
  • Your driving license will be ready for collection within 1 month.
  • You will be notified by SMS when your license is ready for collection.
  • Pick your motorcycle license at the NTSA collection office you selected

So, where can you enroll for motorcycle driving classes in Kenya

As discussed earlier most driving schools offer motorcycle riders classes. Below is a list of some of the best driving schools that offer Motorcycle classes

List of Motorcycle Driving Schools in Kenya
  • Rocky Driving School
  • AAK driving School
  • Modern Rider School
  • Heltz driving School
  • Valley Driving School
  • A-1 Driving School
  • Petanns Driving School

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It is important to have a license as a Motorbike rider in Kenya. Enrolling in a driving school will equip you with the needed driving skills.

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