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GOtv Payment Services in Kenya via M-Pesa

GOtv, a subsidiary of MultiChoice, provides digital terrestrial television services, delivering a mix of local and international content to Kenyan homes. With various subscription packages catering to different preferences and budgets, GOtv has garnered a significant user base across the country. One of the reasons for its widespread adoption is the convenience it offers in terms of payment methods, notably through M-Pesa.

There are seven distinct packages offered by GOtv, each tailored to different preferences and budgets. These packages include GOtv Lite Monthly, GOtv Value, GOtv Lite Quarterly, GOtv Plus, GOtv Lite (Annual), GOtv Max, and GOtv Supa.

GOtv Lite Monthly ensures access to 21 channels at a monthly fee of Ksh 220. For those seeking a wider variety of channels, GOtv Value provides access to 35 channels at a monthly fee of Ksh 669. Meanwhile, GOtv Plus offers 45 channels for Ksh 999 per month. For an even broader selection, GOtv Max grants access to 60 local and international channels at a fee of Ksh 1,499 per month.

For subscribers who desire extensive channel options, GOtv Supa offers access to more than 70 channels at Ksh 1,999 per month. Additionally, there is GOtv Supa +, which offers enhanced features and content for Ksh 3,700.

For those interested in longer subscription periods, GOtv also offers GOtv Lite Quarterly and GOtv Lite (Annual). The GOtv Lite Quarterly package costs Ksh 550, providing access for three months, while the GOtv Lite (Annual) package costs Ksh 1,300, granting access for a full year. These extended subscription options offer convenience and potential cost savings for subscribers who prefer to pay upfront for multiple months or a year of service.

How To Pay For Gotv via Mpesa In Kenya 2024

1. Accessing the M-Pesa Menu:

2. Selecting “Lipa na M-Pesa” (Pay with M-Pesa): Within the M-Pesa menu, users navigate to the “Lipa na M-Pesa” option, which allows them to make payments to various merchants and service providers.

3. Choosing “Pay Bill”: Upon selecting “Lipa na M-Pesa,” users are prompted to choose the “Pay Bill” option, indicating that they intend to pay a bill or subscription fee.

4. Entering the Business Number: Enter  423655 as the business number

5. Entering the Account Number: Enter your Gotv IUC number – the one at the bottom of your decoder with a red sticker

6. Entering the Amount:  The amount may vary depending on the package selected and any applicable discounts or promotions.

7. Enter your Mpesa pin and press OKAY: If you are paying via GOtv app, you will be prompted to enter your M-Pesa PIN to authenticate the transaction.

8. Receipt and Confirmation: Once the payment is successfully processed, users receive a confirmation message from both M-Pesa and GOtv, indicating that their subscription has been renewed or activated. This serves as a receipt of payment.

You can also download the GOtv app and make payment directly via the app.

How to Activate GOtv after Payment/clearing error E16

Upon completing your payment, you may encounter an E16 error message on your screen. This occurs when your decoder is powered off during the payment process.

Resolving this error is straightforward. You can either send a text message containing the word RESET followed by your IUC number to 22688, or dial *423# on your phone to clear the error.

Alternatively, you can address the E16 error online by visiting This online platform provides a convenient way to resolve the error without the need for additional steps.

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