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How to Apply for A Lost Driving License Replacement In Kenya

Have you lost your driving license? The best way to get another driving license to replace the lost one is by applying for a duplicate driving license.

In Kenya, the process of replacing a lost driving license has been streamline and through the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) online portal, one should be able to apply for a duplicate driving license.

However, duplicate license application process will depend on the type of the driving license you are replacing. If you were holding the old driving license, you will be required to apply for a duplicate driving license through the eCitizen online government portal. Unfortunately, currently the government of Kenya is only allowing application of duplicate driving License through the NTSA TIMS account.

Alternatively, if you are a holder of the current digital or smart driving license, then you should apply for a duplicate driving license through your TIMS account found on the NTSA official website.

Duplicate Driving License

To apply for a duplicate driving License, follow the steps below

How to apply for A Duplicate Driving License.
  1. Visit the NTSA official website and select TIMS option
  2. Click on SUBSCRIBE SMS to be able to receive messages during the process
  3. Click on register account if you are new to TIMS to get registered or and click to Login if you already have an account with TIMS
  4. For first registration you will be required to give details of your National ID, phone number, one of your mother’s names, KRA PIN will be required.
  5. Your password will be sent to your mobile number to log in
  6. After successfully registering the account on TIMS, present yourself to any of the following NTSA offices; Mombasa (Imaara Building), Nairobi – (Likoni Road Inspection Center), Nakuru (Inspection Center) and Nyeri (Regional Commissioner’s Complex) for personalization.
  7. Select for apply for a new driving license if you are applying for the first time. If you had a smart driving license but got lost, Select apply for duplicate driving License.
  8. The cost of applying for the Smart Driving License is Ksh. 3,050 with a validity period of THREE years.

You will receive a new driving license or a duplicated copy of your driving license which should arrive within 1 month.

You will pick your license at the NTSA collection centre of your choice as per the entries during application. Once you get your license, you can easily read this article Is Your Driving License Valid? 4 Ways to Check if Your License is Original to verify that your license is original.



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