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Best TV Brands to Buy in Kenya

Looking for the best television brand to buy in Kenya? Well currently, the market is flooded with different TV brand as new ones continue to come up each day. Television design, features, brand and price contribute a lot on ones decision to buy a digital or smart TV set. Digital Televisions and smart Televisions have been on the rise in terms of sale. This was as a result of digital migration that happened some time back. Following the migration, all analogue television sets were switched off.

The switch off meant you buy a digital television or a digital television decoder and connect to your analogue TV set.
Shopping for the best Television can be an uphill task, there are so many brand in the market today. Of these brands some have maintained their quality and continue to produce high quality digital television sets while others have shelved their production due to competition. At the same time new brands have emerged and some have proved to produce quality products to the market.

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Here is a list of some of the top brands you can find on the Kenyan market:
1. Samsung Television
2. LG
3. Sony Television Sets
4. Hisense Television
5. Vision
6. Haier
7. TCL
8. Skyworth
9. Synix
To give brief details on each of the brand, here is what should know before you can buy any of them.

1. Samsung

Samsung has been around for the longest time ever. The company is known for production of various electronics and home appliances. Some of their products include; television sets. Fridges, stereo systems among others. Samsung LED TVs are designed to last long. Their TV sets have the best sound system. Samsung digital and smart TVs have sharp picture and deep colors. This makes them the best TV brand in Kenya. However, they are somehow expensive compared to other brands. Their TVs are reliable and can support any type of video format.

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Samsung Television: Photo Courtesy
2. LG  Television

LG stands for Life is Good. The company tries as much as possible to manufacture quality products. Just like Samsung, LG Company manufactures a variety of products among them, TV sts, Music systems and fridges. They produce quality digital and smart TV sets with high resolution and Sharp images. They make LED Digital TVs and HD Smart LED TVs.

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3. Sony
Sony is one of the pioneers is television industry. They have immensely contributed to revolutionize the changes we have seen in the TV world. They produce high end digital and smart TVs. Their LED Television have for long been known for high sound quality, Clear pictures and sharp image images. They are leaders in HD LED Smart and digital televisions.

4. Hisense

Hisense TV brand has built a name for its brand for the shortest time possible. They are leaders in the market for production of high quality TV sets. Their products include; Digital LED Television, Smart TVs with high resolution and HD images. Their TV sets are pocket friendly and can be found in almost all supermarkets and retails shops in Kenya.

5. Vision

Vision Televisions comes in different size. 24 inches 32 inches and 40 inches are some of the sizes they have. Vision TVs have sharp images with great contrast. Their high quality HD image ability that comes with Vision TVs makes them stand out. They sell both Digital TVs and Smart TVs.

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6. Haier

Haier TV is a new entrant into the Kenyan market. Their Televisions are quite affordable and can be found almost all electronic shops and supermarkets. They have great products, but I find the image quality of most of their TVs somehow low. Their products are affordable. They have both Digital LED TVs and Smart LED TVs.

7. TCL

TCL TVs have also proved to be a force to reckon. They produce high quality TV sets that support HD images. They can be trusted as both their Digital Televisions and Smart LED televisions are of high quality. Their products are also available on the Kenyan market at affordable prices.

TCL Television.Image Source: TCL
8. Skyworth

Skyworth is also a new entrant into the market. Their TV sets have sharp images and come in different sizes. Their high quality HD image ability that comes with Skyworth TVs makes them stand out. They sell both Digital TVs and Smart TVs.

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9. Synix

Though last on the list it is one of the quality TV Company you should consider when shopping for a TV set. The TV sets comes with multiple free to air channels. They are new entrants into the market. They support different video and audio format.


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