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List of Affordable Comprehensive Insurance Cover Providers

Having a motor vehicle will mean you get an insurance cover for your car. Comprehensive insurance is the best option to go for. Getting cheap or the most affordable cover from an insurance company can be the best option.

Most insurance companies have policies that cover motor vehicle owners. Whether it is your personal vehicle, a PSV or cargo track, it is advisable to have a cover from insurance company that you can trust. Doing a background check will help you determine the reputation of an insurance company before you commit yourself to buying the policy.

Why is it necessary to have vehicle/Car insurance Cover

  1. Car Insurance in Kenya is a legal requirement
  2. Car insurance protects your investment in the car
  3. Car Insurance protects you from costs associated with accidents


Factors to Consider before Choosing an Insurance company
  1. Financial Health of the insurance company
  2. Prompt settling claims
  3. Growth of the company
  4. Customer service
  5. Premium rates offered by the company

A number of factors will determine the insurance rates of your vehicle. Among these factors include:

  • Make of your car
  • Model
  • Year Of Manufacture

Here is a list of Insurance companies that are known to provide comprehensive insurance covers at a pocket friendly price:

Best Comprehensive Insurance Companies in Kenya
  1. Jubilee Insurance
  2. APA Insurance Kenya
  3. AMACO Insurance
  4. BRITAM Kenya
  5. UAP Insurance
  6. Heritage Insurance
  7. Pesa Bazaar

It is evident that Car insurance cover helps a lot of motorist get covered in cases of accidents or damages. However there are several steps one must take before you can get compensated by your insurance company.

What Should I do in case of an accident?

In some cases accidents are inevitable. However, how you handle the situation will determine whether you will be compensated by your insurance company or not. Here are some of the things you should do when and if your car is involved in an accident:

  1. Try not to panic

Keep yourself under control by trying to be as calm as possible. This is regardless of who was at fault. Shouting, hurling insults, blame shifting and intimidation will not help.

  1. Make sure Everyone is Ok

Check on the occupants of the car to confirm if they are conscious. Offer assistant as quickly as possible to any car occupant who are trapped or under pain.

  1. Call The Police

If the accident is that serious, it is important you call the police. The police report will be needed when following up with your insurance company for compensation. It is also necessary to involve the police if you cannot agree with the other party involved in the accident.

  1. Call your Insurance Company

This is much important in case you have been involved in a serious accident that will require compensation. Your insurer will advise you on what to do or how to proceed with the situation.

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