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Best Places To Visit In Kisumu | Tour Guide

The lake region is the best part of Kenya one can consider visiting and having a good time. Kisumu has breathtaking sceneries ranging from the beautiful and vast Lake Victoria that you can’t miss to visit. The  Kisumu Town is a City and its proximity to various leisure resorts,beaches, museum and a number of animal parks and hotels makes it an ideal place for one to visit. Today, we look at some of the best places to visit in Kisumu.

Whether you are a resident or you are visiting Kisumu for the first time, you will find these places the best to tour.

Best Places To Visit in Kisumu

Kisumu Impala Sanctuary

Having visited the Kisumu Impala Park personally, I can personally recommend the place to anyone visiting the lake region. It is just one kilometre from the city’s Central Business District, Kisumu Impala Sanctuary is a 38-hectare mini paradise that was created as a safe haven for impalas within Kisumu and its neighborhood.

The Sanctuary is a home to the largest number Impalas in Kenya. The park also hosts many other wild animals under special care and protection. The Impala park is ideal for tours and adventures.

places to visit in Kisumu

Kisumu Port

Kisumu port is another ideal place one should consider visiting. The port is adjacent to Kisumu city and from here you can see ships of various sizes dock and depart. The port is so unique as it has some historical Ship remains of the ancient days with a great history of how the sea transport has evolved.

At the Kisumu port, you also get to learn and see the magic of inland rail connection to the lake. This will introduce you to how train engines and bogies transported by water were directly connected to the railway line. At a small fee, you get to experience these breath taking discoveries and adventure.

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Dunga Beach

Dunga beach is one of the best places you can visit. At the beach you get to enjoy a boat ride and it gives the perfect view point of the amazing Lake Victoria. Dunga beach also encompasses the Dunga Hill Camp a perfect place for camping, picnic or just the best place for an afternoon pastime with your friends.

For those who love fishing, you can as well delve into your hobby and try it out on Dunga beach. Watching the sunset at Dunga beach is also breath taking as you observe the beautiful horizon on the vast lake as the sun sets.

Kiboko Bay Resort

Kibogo Bay is the perfect resort for relaxation and refreshment. At the resort you get to enjoy fresh fish from the Lake Victoria, other dishes are also available and you get to choose your favorite meal as it is served.

Kiboko Bay offers the best spot to observe the evening sunset. Here you get to witness a breath taking experience of the red sun sink into the vast lake during sunset.

Spending the night at Kiboko resort will be an advantage as you are likely to see Hippos that usually come out at night to graze.

best places to visit in Kisumu

Best Places To Visit In Kenya: Tour Guide

Kit Mikayi

Kit Mikayi, is a large rock (Tor) with three rocks on top. It is situated about 29 km west of Kisumu, and about 1 km from the Kisumu-Bondo road. It stands tall above many surrounding rocks in Kangeso village. The 70 fit to 80 fit stone poses like a woman with a load on her back.

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At this place, you will also get to see various caves that have since been turned into sacred places. During your visit to the caves, you are likely to find prayer rituals by the famous Legio Maria worshippers who have converted the caves as their house of prayers.

At Kit Mikayi, you will also hear some ancient Stories and myth about the evolution and existence of the amazing Kit Mikayi Rocks.

The Kisumu Museum

There is no place that you will get to know and learn about the culture and history of western, Rift valley and Nyanza than the Kisumu Museum. The Museum has historical artifacts and you get to learn the traditional culture of various people in the region. At Kisumu Museum, you will also get to see traditional tools used by ancient people in carrying out of activities such as farming.

The museum also has remains of some of the famous animals and birds found in Kenya. What is more fascinating is that you will get to set your eyes on some of the rare animals you had never come across. Different breeds and types of snakes ranging from Cobras to python are also found at the Kisumu Museum.

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Hippo Point

Last one but not least on our list of the best places to visit in Kisumu is the famous Hippo Point. The place receives high number of visitors especially during the weekends and holidays. It is a perfect site for relaxation.

Hippo Point sits on a 600-acre open viewing area on Lake Victoria. Despite its name, it is better known as a viewing point for sunsets over the lake than for its occasional hippos. At hippo point you get to see the amazing hippos as they come out of water especially during the evening hours and at night.

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