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How To Check Your Laptop Ram Capacity

RAM is one of the most important parts of your computer. It stands for Random Access Memory and it’s what helps all your programs run smoothly. If you have too little, it can slow down your computer and make it hard to do other things. If you have too much, it will be wasted space that could be put to better use.

The good news is that RAM is cheap, so if you’re not sure how much you need, it’s not a big deal to just add more and see what happens. The bad news is that there are some things that will damage or even ruin your computer if you don’t have enough RAM, so make sure you know what kind of laptop you have before buying any upgrades.

Types Of RAM

Before you can buy RAM for your laptop computer, it is important to know that we have different types of RAM. RAM comes in two different sizes: DDR3 (double data rate three) and DDR4 (double data rate four).

They both work the same way – they store information about what’s happening on your computer so that applications can access it quickly when needed – but DDR4 is newer and faster than DDR3. You should always buy a laptop with DDR4 if possible because it will allow for faster processing speeds than ones with DDR3 components.

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How To Check Your Laptop Ram Capacity

Method 1

Now that we’ve got all that out of the way, let’s see how we can check our laptop’s RAM capacity:

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1) Open up your laptop and find where the RAM is located inside the computer case (it looks like sticks of ram). It will have numbers on them which indicate their capacity in MB or GB (for example 2GB).

2) If there are two sticks of ram then write down both numbers and add them together.

3) Look at the number on the chip or chip set (usually located on top of each slot). This is what determines your total RAM capacity. For example, if you have two 2GB chips in your computer, then you would have 4GB of RAM installed.

Method 2

Your RAM is your computer’s short-term memory, and it’s a finite resource. If you have too many applications open at once, or if you run too many apps at the same time, your machine will start to slow down.

Here’s how to check your laptop’s RAM capacity:

1. Open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del and selecting Task Manager.

2. Click on the Performance tab and then click on Open Resource Monitor.

3. When the Resource Monitor window opens, go to the Overview tab and select Memory from the drop-down menu under Memory\Usage.

4. The Capacity value will tell you how much RAM is available on your device (in megabytes).

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