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15 Marketable Courses To Study In Kenya 2022

Before one choose a course, there are some basic guidelines or factors to consider for example passion, interest, duration, financial status and also how marketable the courses are. There are many marketable courses on can study today in Kenya.

It also important to consider your interest,strengths weaknesses when choosing a course to study. Some of the most marketable courses to study in Kenya are as follows:

15 Marketable Courses To Study In Kenya 2022
  • Medicine
  • Teaching
  • Engineering
  • Hospitality courses
  • Agricultural courses
  • Information Technology and computer science
  • Journalism
  • Fashion Design
  • Statistics
  • Survey
  • Pharmacy
  • Digital marketing
  • Cyber security
  • Real estate
  • Performing Arts and Music studies

15 Marketable Courses To Study In Kenya 2022


This is the most demanding course although some may fear it due to its challenges thus needs passion. Medicine course is marketable as long as there are sick patients, expectant mothers, you can never lack job opportunities.  For example, in 2020, there was pandemic which forced the government to higher extra nurses and doctors to save life of many. Not only being employed, but also in private sector.

It is also has advantage where one can open his or her own clinic or hospital. Medicine deals with running diagnostic checks, creating patient care strategies, treating patients and physical test. Doctors and nurses are well paid too.


It is among the most marketable course in Kenya. Initially, it used to offer P1 certificate but currently due to the change in education sector from 8-4-4 to 2-6-6-3 system, teaching is now offered from diploma level. In primary level, teaching involves basic knowledge like, reading, writing, addition, subtraction, division and more. However, in secondary level, teachers direct leaners in practical involving science, talking about history, which help learners to know what happened in the past.

Other than teaching being a marketable course, it also earns respect in the society. Teachers are highly respected and distinguished in the society thus parents trust teachers since they guide, instill knowledge and discipline to their children. Job opportunity is available to those who are trained. It is a course that pays good salary according to the level of education.


This course deals with the construction of buildings, roads, bridges and making of all types of machines. This has been there for many years and it is still one of the marketable courses in Kenya especially the year 2022. This is because the government has many projects to carry out for the development of the country for example construction of new offices, roads, industries, business houses and other developments.

The demand for engineers is therefore going up in the years to come. Furthermore, county governments are having smaller projects for construction to develop their counties. Therefore engineers will be required in different levels, not only engineers but also professionals who have skills and ideas on particular project. Most people go for this course because job opportunities are available as long as you are an expert.


This course has other branches of courses like; tour operation, travel and tourism management, food production and hotel management. According to the research, hospitality courses are the most marketable courses in Kenya because our country is the most toured country in Africa.

We have many centers of attraction here in Kenya like; National parks, major towns, beaches (like coast regions), shrines (like in SUBUKIA in NAKURU) and lakes ( lake BOGORIA which has hot spring).

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This makes the course to be on high demand since Kenya receives many tourist almost daily thus the course needs many workers and this makes it easy for those in attachment to get a chance.

This course is also profitable to the country since it earns foreign exchange to the government which helps in the development of the country.

Advantage to the one doing this course is that he or she will get to know different types of people and their culture. Also he or she can get a chance to taste varieties of foods of Kenya.


This course deals majorly with the production of crops and rearing of livestock. EGERTON university is one of the primarily known to offer agriculture courses in Kenya. The most marketable agricultural courses include; agricultural economics, food science and nutrition, dairy technology and management, animal health management and many others.

This course is important in our country Kenya because it contribute to high percentage of country`s economy. Also it has high creation of employment opportunities.

Agricultural courses also offer certificate courses which benefits the individual who decide to be self-employed base on agricultural study courses in Kenya. Furthermore, Kenya has several agricultural products enterprises and foundations that have open doors to the graduate .Actually many people are earning their living due to agriculture skills and knowledge.


This has number of subjects including system analysis. The course is marketable and suitable for this generation since we are in modern days where most people are required to be computer literate. Most things are done online thus needs knowledge and skills to in current technology.

It is a marketable course because those who have skills on it get into self-employment. Also several organization are often in need of skilled information technology professionals. Information technology and computer science has many advantages in the world.

Advantages of information technology and computer science

First on business sector, it saves time and people are able to sell and buy goods online. In education sector, exams are printed on computer, pupils information is saved in computer. Learners who cannot afford time to attend classes for degree or master program are able to get their lesson through online learning.

In addition, we have new curriculum system where most subjects need the use of gadgets and thus require information technology experts. Also learners and teachers do research on various aspects to get current information which is also the work of information technology.

Information technology has high demand on Banking and Finance too. Information technology allows the growth of electronic data access and financial services like credit card processing. Information technology has improved security and stability to how individual and organization access their critical financial accounts. Information technology has several benefits the global and individual.

One can opt be self-employed like opening a cyber which serves many people in the locality. This course is very marketable and is on high demand also one can earn a lot.


Statistics course   favors those who love mathematics. It is one of the rapidly growing careers in our country Kenya. This course deals with collecting arithmetic data to assist corporations make numerical data logic, spot growth and create hypothesis or assumption.

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Almost all universities in Kenya offer statistic courses.  As long as you have passion for mathematics, this is one the best courses to take. It is marketable because of its massive scope. Several privates, public organization and NGOs need statisticians in various departments. In addition, it is a course that pays well not less than 159,000 shillings.


This course deals with determining the legal property boundaries like land. It is possible by collecting data and producing the required legal documents for map making.

Survey course is marketable because companies like real estate, quantity surveying, local authorities  and civil engineering specialists requires surveyors.

This course is on a high demand since most people sell and buy lands, others are building and that requires surveying before any other business is carried out.

Families may also need a surveyor especially when they are distributing the land legally for safety where title deed is required.

Surveyors are paid based on the level of skills, experiences and location. The course is also based passion of an individual and needs accuracy and legibility .It comprises subjects like construction, measurements, building technology and many others.


Real estate is a career dealing with properties buildings and the grounds they are built on. This course is suitable for those who have sweet language of business, words that can convince people to buy if you go in as a marketer. It needs hard working person and those who can relate with people well.

Real estate is marketable because most people have engaged themselves in business of buying lands, building a complete house and sell it. The salary depends on your hard work.

Kenya is on growth thus opportunities are many for graduates since it requires agents, interior designer, property developer and surveyor.


This is the process of guarding the user of the internet from unauthorized personnel. This   prevents the internet users’ information from being exposed to people who are not supposed to access the information.

This course is marketable since there are very few cyber security experts in Kenya. Many banks are looking for the cyber security experts to protect their banking data and funds. This cyber security can help to gab the losses of money in the banks and SACCOs.

There is a high demand in Kenya and other parts of the world for cyber security experts. Having the cyber security skills, you will never lack the opportunities in any part of the country.


This course deals with issuing medicine prescribed by the doctor. It is the most recognized course in Kenya. Opportunities are available all over the country in private and public hospitals. Most pharmacists have built their own chemistry, which is a great help to the people in the locality because most public hospitals lack some medicine therefore, patients are directed to the chemistry.

Pharmacy is a marketable course due to the increase of population in the country and most people are attacked by various diseases which need curative drugs, preventative drugs and antibiotic drugs.

In these modern days, we cannot do without pharmacy. Children are always given vaccination which requires the knowledge of pharmacist in the safe use of medicine. Pharmacist also offer advice on healthy tips which makes this course to be on high demand now and in years to come.

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This is buying and selling of goods and services on internet platforms. It has made business to be carried out easily. People use laptops, computers, desktops and phone. These devices help people to access online business. They also help people to advertise their goods and services by providing the details of the goods as well as the services which those goods can offer to people.

The buyers also get opportunities to view the product which have been displayed online. Example of digital marketing companies are; Jumia, Copia and many other companies. Digital marketing help  people to know new products in the market. It also help people to see the variety of products and their prices. Most of business companies are looking for digital marketers who can market the goods and services online.

There are several opportunities in digital marketing for example working as a consultant or working as  an advertising  agencies.


This course involves aggregating, writing, editing and presenting of news for the purpose of informing the audience. Journalism is marketable in Kenya because news is made daily. Everyone wants to be enlightened on what is going on in the country and the whole world.

News can reach people by the help of media group who does research on what is happening every hour and every day. Since news come all over the country, journalist goes  around the country to collect news thus requires many people in the field and this make the course to be on a high demand.

The opportunities are many because nowadays we have many television and radio stations. Other stations are of different tribe. Multimedia university offer best education to journalist in Kenya.


This course deals with style or manner in which is done. It can be shape, appearance or mode of structure or making any form. Why is it marketable? Fashion as an industry is one of the exports Kenya depends on.

It is marketable because most people need stylistic things thus fashion designers are on demand. Others may want traditional attires from certain tribe or country. Most youths have their own fashion especially of the modern days since we are in the digital world.

At least every month there are always special occasions like wedding, cultural activities, modeling competition where fashion designers are required.



This course favors those with talents since it is more of practical. It involves drawing, art designing, planning and composing songs.

Why performing arts marketable? First art work is rarely done on machine. It is mostly done manually by people’s hands with a lot of creativity.

Kenya is full of buildings and still constructing therefore planners and designers are required. Also when painting only experts can do the work properly and all these require art skills. Some social facilities and big offices are decorated with names or massage written attractively because of art experts.

Why music art is marketable? The most weapon for entertainment is music, therefore, making the course on a higher demand.

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