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How To Create Captivating Video Content

Videos are the most powerful tool present today! You can use it for marketing, connecting to people, conveying your story, etc. The possibilities through video content are limitless. Knowing the art of creating a professional and engaging video can make you the next successful social media butterfly, for sure!

Five hundred million viewers watch 100 million hours of video content on Facebook every day! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily. The numbers are crazily high. And if you are an influencer or a brand looking for that edge, you will not want to miss out on this opportunity.

How To Create Captivating Video Content

But why is video content so hyped? What is so special about it?

The reasons are:

  1. Watching videos is effortless:  Just sit anywhere or lie down on your couch and enjoy a video, you don’t even have to give 1% effort.
  2. Viewers feel more attached to the creator: While watching a video, it feels that the creator is talking directly to me, thus making a better emotional connection.
  3. Videos are more engaging: Videos are engaging as you get to listen to a story with smooth editing and visually appealing graphics!

Fortunately, in 2022 we don’t need an expensive studio filled with million-dollar pieces of equipment or a filmmaking degree to create stunning videos. All needed are skills, a great idea, and a smartphone, and we are good to go!

But you might question back, “There are so many videos out there! Why will people watch me?”. That is why today we will be having a deeper look at video content creation and understand what it takes to create captivating video content.

Did you know that 30,000 hours of video are uploaded over YouTube every hour! So this gives us a clear perception of the level of competition in this genre.

That’s why we will be sharing 6 tips on how to create great video content.

  • “Tell the story”: The most important component of the video is the story that you convey. Storytelling is the heart and soul of any successful video. Storytelling keeps the viewer engaged in your video. You connect more intuitively to your viewers at an emotional level just with the help of storytelling, it not only keeps them engaged, but also you gain a lot of their trust. This means that your videos should have a flow and follow the fundamental elements of storytelling: the beginning, the climax, and the conclusion. Doesn’t matter what kind of video you are making, never forget to put the element of storytelling into it!
  • “Scripting is important”: Scripting the things you are supposed to say in your video makes things legit easier! Before you get things ready for shooting the video, spend around half an hour just jotting down the points that you wish to cover in this video. You don’t need to memorise everything that you just wrote, just keep the key points in mind and explain things in your way!
  • “First impression is the last impression”: It’s said that the first 20-30 secs is the most important part of your video if you are making long-format content. They are important because the whole user retention depends on them! There are tons of videos floating on the internet, and this is the most crucial step for making your video stand out. Now you might ask, “What should I do to make the first 30 secs of the video more appealing?”, the answer to this isn’t that simple! There are lots of things that can make a video look more appealing,
  1. Video editing
  2. Clear audio
  3. Snappy movements
  4. Great colours
  5. Perfect background music

(Pro-tip: Video editing plays a vital role in this step, so make sure to put serious effort into it!)

  • “Editing has the key”: If you want to enjoy those crazy numbers in your social media feed, video editing is the most important part of your post-production! If you can’t seamlessly stitch your shots together or get those perfect cuts on the beat of that crazy background music, your video will seem to be quite unpolished, and your viewers might skip it. Luckily, today one doesn’t need to get himself a high-end PC to edit videos, all thanks to technology that one can now even edit and make videos online. Everybody enjoys a polished and neat video. Cut out that unnecessary footage, colour grade your timeline, and make the lighting correct. Add a piece of music in the background that fits the spirit, these are small efforts, but they make a huge disparity in the end products. They make things look more professional and captivating!
  • “Learn to flow with the trend”: If you ever head to YouTube’s trending section, there are very high chances that the videos that trend at the top are not long-format videos but rather 15 secs shorts. Tik Tok changed a lot in this video content industry! Short-form content rules over all these social media platforms. They are quick, attractive, snappy, and capable of easily influencing the viewer. The main catch in short format video content is the editing(we will discuss this in detail) and the storyline. In the present day, whether it is Instagram or YouTube, both push their short-form content that is ‘Reels’ and ‘Shorts’ tremendously! Viewers love short-format content because of those quick dopamine shots, thus making this a pretty good way to get into the limelight!
  • “Keep the suspense alive”: Your video should have a proper story format: beginning, climax, and conclusion. Keep the purpose of your video in your mind and slowly go deeper into it. This increases user retention and keeps the enthusiasm to watch the complete video inside the viewer alive!

Wrapping up!

Video content creation is great, and looking at the present day scenario, the future looks even more promising! Today, technology has made things really easy for us, and anybody who wishes to can make videos online and ride this video content creation wave.

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