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10 Ways to Become Rich in Kenya

Kenya is a developing country and many opportunities keep on cropping day by day. But surprisingly many Kenyans still struggle with poverty and only a few are wealthy. To become rich and wealthy in Kenya is not a walk in the park for everyone, it is for the go-getter, but still there are a 1000 ways one can create wealth and become rich in Kenya.

10 ways to become rich in Kenya

Here are some of the ways one can create real wealth in Kenya.

  1. Start Organic Farming

Pure organic farming is the real deal to wealth creation. With many running away from GMO foods and food full of chemicals due to health complications, whispering to your neighbor that you have organically grown farm fresh produce will make him run to you. Organic food is highly becoming gold and is usually expensive. Just imagine you did not buy any chemicals or fertilizer to grow your crops yet it becomes more expensive compared to non-organic. This does not only apply to crops but to animals and animal products as well. I guess the last time you were looking for Kuku Kienyeji or Mayayi Kienyeji you saw the difference and you also noted the taste as well. The demand for organic farm products in Kenya is so big that there is no single farmer who can fill the gap.

  1. Start selling Used Cars

Kenyans are buying used car daily. Considering they are usually cheap and in good condition than the brand ones, the used car business has seen a rise in demand in the recent years. If you can start importing used cars and sell them locally, you are assured of a profit of not less than Ksh.150,000 per car that you will sell.

  1. Become a Rental House Agent

Running any agency in rent collection is one of the best businesses you can start with very little capital. All you need is a business permit and an office space and you are good to go. Many people are building rental houses but most of them are only good just at that, building. Rent collection and management of the houses and apartment remains to be a nightmare for many developers and landlords. What if you approach the developers so that as they build houses and apartment day and night you help them in managing at a fee? As an agent you make an agreement with the property owner to take a certain percentage of the revenue collected. the more houses you manage the more income you generate.

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  1. Open a Hardware

In Kenya wherever you go there is a construction project going on within the vicinity. This has made hardware business become a lucrative venture. Currently going to any hardware is like visiting a hospital where there is always clients on the queue. Kenya being a developing country has seen a tremendous growth in construction industry with the demand of construction materials increasing daily. Starting a hardware in any part of this country is a sure venture.

  1. Rare Dairy Cows

Raring dairy cows is one of the best venture you can think of. This is like killing two birds with one stone. As the cows calve, you have an extra animal you can rare or sale and on the other hand milk will be available for sale. Milk is on a higher demand and with the mushrooming on Milk ATMs everywhere your milk will never lack market.


  1. Sell things online

Currently every business is exploiting the availability of online space to increase sales. You do not need to be a Tech guru or start your own online website to sale online. For business people in towns like Nairobi signing up on platforms such as Jumia and Masoko can greatly boost your business. By doing so, you will be able to make more sales through these online shops than you would have sold on your own.

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  1. Invest in Transportation Sector

Do you own a lorry or have a sizable car that can be used to transport goods? If yes,then it’s high time you made good money with your vehicle transporting goods or moving commodities from one point to another. This can be the real deal breaker and one way of becoming rich in Kenya.

  1. Start a Gym

Gyms currently attract many people ranging from those with weight issues to those who just want to keep fit. Owning and running a fully equipped gym is a great venture with high returns. The few gyms available in major towns receive a high number of signups and the demand is growing daily.

  1. Grow Trees

The price of wood and wood products has skyrocketed and the demand is outrageous. Having a tree plantation for wood and wood products can be a life changing venture when you harvest. Although trees take time to mature before they can be harvested, the returns are exceedingly good.Trees requires minimal maintenance. First growing trees such as eucalyptus and trees with high market values such as oak trees should be given high priority.

  1. Invest in Real Estate

You do not need to break the bank to venture into real estate business. With a little amount you may have, you can start by buying houses and then putting them up for sale. Slowly by slowly you can then start buying land, developing it and then sell units. Real estate is a multi million industry and it is making millionaires every day. With many people avoiding the process and hustles associated with buying land and then developing it, buying a home has currently become the best option for many.

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Real estate

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