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10 Social Media Tips to Become an Influencer

Social media influencers are people who have a large following on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and blogs. Their job is to promote brands, products and services and get paid for it. In Kenya some of the top social media influencers include; Azziad Nasenya, Ciku Muiruri, Amerix, The Wa Jesus among others

Becoming a social media influencer can be a lucrative business, especially if you have a large following. But how can you become one? Here are 10 tips on how you can become a top social media influencer:

10 Social Media Tips to Become an Influencer

1. Be yourself

This is the most important tip: be authentic. If you’re trying to be someone else, your audience will see right through you. At its core, social media is about connecting with people and making them feel like they can relate to you. Just be yourself and let your personality shine through.

Whether you’re writing on a blog, posting on Instagram, or tweeting from your favorite coffee shop, the best way to connect with your audience is by being yourself.

People are drawn to genuine, authentic individuals. They can smell a fake a mile away and will avoid you like the plague.

2. Find your niche

In order to become an influencer, you need to find your niche. What is it that you do best? What makes you stand out from the crowd? What are your skills and strengths? You need to identify these things, then use them as a basis for expanding your social media presence.

If you’re not sure what your niche is yet, don’t worry, just start following people who have similar interests and seeing how they interact with their followers. You’ll probably be able to spot some patterns in their posts that indicate what they’re really good at. Once you’ve determined how you want to position yourself as an influencer, make sure that all of your content reflects this positioning. A  great tool like FlexClip can help you create captivating video content that will help you attract an audience.

When you find your niche, it’s easier to build a following. You know who your audience is and what they’re interested in, so when you post content that’s relevant to them, they’ll be more likely to engage with it.

3. Be consistent

Being consistent is the best way to gain followers, build a brand, and attract people to your page. If you want to be an influencer, you need to show up regularly with new content.

Don’t just post one time and then disappear. If you have a blog, don’t post once a week and then not at all for two months. If you’re on Instagram, don’t just post once every three weeks. People will be able to tell when you’re not being consistent with your content, and they’ll stop trusting you as an influencer.

It’s important to maintain a consistent schedule for posting, but you should also be sure that you’re posting consistently in terms of quality. Don’t post just to post. Instead, try to maintain a level of quality that is high enough that people will want to read what you have to say—not just because they see your name on their feed or notification alerts, but because they actually want to see it.

4. Be unique

Social media can seem like a vast, impersonal sea. But it’s actually an incredibly personal space—you’re connecting with people, and you have the opportunity to make a real impact on their lives. To do that, you need to be unique.

In an age where everyone is trying to stand out, there’s a ton of noise out there. If you want people to notice you, it’s going to take more than just having a good idea or being able to write well. You need something that people can’t get anywhere else: your voice. Your tone and style will set you apart from all of the other voices out there who are trying to get noticed by saying exactly what everybody else is saying.

You’re going to have to think about your social media presence in a different way than most other people do. The world’s full of people who want to get their message out and make an impact, but how many of them are doing it in an authentic way? How many of them are writing what they truly feel? That’s what makes you special. You’re not trying to be like everyone else—you’re trying to be YOU, and that’s what makes you valuable.

5. Be presentable

Being presentable is one of the most important tips to become an influencer. You have to be likeable and look good in your posts or videos. The first impression is important, and it’s not about your looks but about how you present yourself. If you want to become an influencer, then act like one.

As a social media influencer, you are your brand. Your followers will be looking at you, so make sure that you put your best foot forward. The last thing you want is for them to see an unkempt hair or an unshaven face when they look at your profile picture.

6. Build relationships with others in your industry or area of expertise

If you want to become great and top influencer, you need to build relationships with others in your industry or area of expertise. This doesn’t mean that you need to know everyone on social media—but it does mean that you should seek out those who are making waves in your community and reach out to them!

The best way to build relationships with other influencers is by commenting on their posts, following them on social media, and engaging with them when they comment on your posts. If they see that you’re interested in what they have to say, they’ll be more likely to return the favor.

Once you’ve built a relationship with an influencer, ask if there’s anything specific that they’d like from you—for example, if they’re looking for someone who can offer advice about [topic], then let them know that’s something you’re good at. If they don’t need anything right now, but want a recommendation in the future as well as someone who could take over their account while they’re on vacation (and maybe even promote their content), then offer up your services!

7. Develop content that’s valuable for your audience

Your followers will only engage with you if they find your posts interesting and helpful. If you’re not providing them with content that’s valuable to them, they’ll stop following you.

Use hashtags in all of your posts.

Hashtags help you reach a wider audience and make it easier for people to find your post when they search for a topic. Use hashtags that are relevant to the topic of your post and include both popular and niche hashtags. For example, if you’re posting about #socialmediatips, include #socialmediatips and #influencermarketing in addition to the more general hashtag so that more people can see it.

You should also focus on creating content that gets people talking, whether it’s through comments or shares. This means that you need to make sure that your content has a clear call-to-action (CTA) at the end of it—a way for people to engage with you and continue the conversation.

Another important element of creating valuable content is using appropriate keywords in each post so that it shows up in search engines. The more people who find your posts through search engines like Google or Bing, the greater exposure you will get as an influencer!

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8. Create quality photos and videos

If you want to be top influencer, you need to make quality content. The most successful Instagrammers use high-quality photos and videos that are sure to get noticed by their followers.

While you might not be able to afford a professional photographer or videographer, there are some simple things you can do to improve the quality of your photos and videos.

First, make sure your lighting is good. You don’t need to buy expensive equipment; just make sure the lighting in your photos is even and doesn’t have any shadows or dark spots on it.

Second, use filters sparingly. Filter apps can help you create unique effects for your photos, but they also tend to distort them in ways that people may not like if they’re too noticeable. If possible, try taking pictures without filters first so that if someone asks for one later on then it won’t look weird or out of place when added at the end of editing process later on down road later down road later down road later down road later down road later down road later down

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9. Create an engaging bio that describes what you do and why you do it well

Your bio is your first chance to make an impression on new fans. It should be engaging, and it should describe what you do and why you do it well. Don’t be afraid to use humor or personality in your bio, as long as it’s relevant to the work you do. Don’t include anything that could be considered spammy or promotional.

Create an engaging bio that describes what you do and why you do it well. This is the place where people will get a sense of who you are and what makes your perspective unique.

10. Don’t expect overnight success

Finally, it’s going to take time to build up your following and get paid for your content. If you aren’t seeing the results you’d hoped for, don’t give up! Your audience is still out there—you just have to keep building it.

Influencers have to be able to deal with a lot of criticism and negativity, but it’s important to remember that it takes time and effort to build your brand. If people are telling you that you’re bad at something, keep practicing!

Final Thought

The most notable takeaway from this article is that you should be treating social media as a marketing tool for yourself, not for your clients. It’s about your brand and how you use social media to reach potential clients, not on what type of jokes or photos you post to Facebook or Instagram. People don’t want to follow you just because they like how funny or smart you are; they want to follow you because they like the work that you produce. And if your work is good enough and you’re social media presence is strong enough, people will want to buy your services.

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