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10 Ways To Make Money As A Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers are people who have gained a large following on social media platforms and can influence their audience to purchase a product, use a service or take action in some way. Influencers can be celebrities, bloggers, vloggers or any other person who has built up a following online. The rise of social media has seen many Kenyans take up this space to make money through various monetization strategies.

Some of the best social media platform to make money with include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and Blogs. If you have a following on any of these platform you can influence peoples decisions and thoughts through your content.

Because of this influence, companies pay influencers to promote their products on social media. This is a great way for companies to get more exposure and reach new audiences. It’s also a great way for influencers to make money!

10 Ways To Make Money As A Social Media Influencer

The thing is, there are lots of ways to monetize your social media presence—and some of them are more lucrative than others. In fact, the most successful influencers make millions of Shillings by selling their content, building communities around their work, and even selling merchandise.

But how do they do it? Here are our top tips for making money as a social media influencer:

1. Sell Your Own Products

If you’re a social media influencer, it’s likely that people already know who you are and what you stand for. That makes it easier to sell products that are related to your niche. You can sell your own products directly to your followers, or even create an affiliate marketing campaign where you earn commissions by promoting other brands.

If you have a product, you can sell it on social media. You can link to it in your bio or stories, or even include it in the caption of a post.

If you’re good at something, like makeup artistry, photography, or styling clothes, then you can sell services like tutorials or photoshoots through your social media accounts. For example, if you give makeup tutorials on YouTube, people will pay for access to those tutorials once they see how much fun they are! They’ll also pay for access to specific products they need if they want to recreate the look at home!

For instance, find an item in your closet that you think would be popular, take a picture of yourself wearing it, and then post the picture on your Instagram feed with the caption “I am wearing this shirt from my closet because I love it so much! It’s from. If you love this look too, click the link in my bio to get one for yourself!”

2. Sell Other People’s Products

You don’t have to have your own product to make money off of sales. You can also promote products by linking to them in your bio or stories, or even including them in the caption of a post. This is called affiliate marketing and it’s one of the easiest ways to make money as an influencer! Just make sure that whatever you’re promoting is something you actually believe in and would use yourself (otherwise it defeats the purpose).

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It doesn’t matter if the product is something that can be sold online or in stores either; as long as it has some sort of appeal and sells well enough, then there should be no problem with sharing it with others through your social media accounts. You can also take advantage of some advertising platforms that will allow you to promote their brand through sponsored posts or advertisements.

3. Become A Consultant

As a social media influencer, you have a unique opportunity to provide valuable information to your followers. You can use your knowledge and experience to create content that educates, informs, and inspires. If you are able to do this consistently, then you have the potential to become an expert in your field. Once you have built up a large enough following, you can use your expertise to offer consulting services.

Consulting is one of the best ways for social media influencers who want to make money online to make extra income. You can work with companies who want help with their social media strategy, or even offer freelance services for individuals looking for assistance with their own accounts.

4. Create Content For Others For Free or As Paid Work

Another great way to make money is by creating content for brands that match up with your interests and values (as long as they’re not offensive or unethical). For example, if you love animals and have a big following on Instagram, then maybe consider working with an animal shelter or rescue organization to create sponsored posts about adoption events or fundraisers for animals in need. The same goes for other brands that may align with what you think is important—just make sure they don’t do anything questionable!

5. Sell Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts are a great way to make money as a social media influencer. This is a post that you create in your own voice, but it’s sponsored by a brand who pays you for it. The brand gets their product or service featured, and you get paid.

Social media influencers can make thousands of dollars for a single sponsored post. This is because companies will pay social media influencers to promote their products, and the more followers that influencer has, the more money they can make. You can sell sponsored posts on your own Instagram or Facebook account, or through a website.

If you have a large following, brands will pay good money for exposure on your page, so it’s smart to make sure you have some sort of strategy in place before accepting any offers. If you’re just starting out, it can be hard to know what brands are looking for and how much they’re willing to pay. Here are 10 ways to get started:

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a) Look at other similar accounts that have become successful with sponsored posts. Check out their rates and see what types of brands they work with. Who has been paying them? Do they work with any local businesses?

b) Find out how often these accounts post sponsored content—you don’t want too much overlap (or at least not too much), but you also don’t want to be left without enough content if all the companies say “no” because there aren’t enough sponsored posts available!

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6. Teach Classes And Workshops Online Or Offline In-Person To Make Money As A Social Media Influencer

If you’re a social media influencer, chances are you know a lot about something. From beauty tips to cooking hacks, you probably have a whole host of information that you’re dying to share with the world. Teaching classes and workshops online or offline in-person is a great way to share your knowledge and make money at the same time.

You can use platforms like Skillshare or Udemy to teach classes online, or offer them directly through your own website or social media channels. You could also offer workshops in person at local community centers or even do pop-up workshops at local coffee shops. You’ll need to charge a fee for these classes, but they’ll be worth it as long as you have enough interested students!

7. Start A Blog And Sell Advertising Or Sponsored Posts To Make Money From Blogging As A Social Media Influencer

If you have a passion for something, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get paid for sharing that passion with other people. If you’re an expert in a certain field, whether it’s photography or cooking or writing or making slime, start teaching classes and workshops! You can do this online or offline—and if your class is in person, make sure to charge extra for travel expenses.

You can build your own site and sell tickets to your class, or even partner with an online platform like Skillshare or Udemy to get paid for teaching others about your area of expertise.

8. Start A Podcast

Podcasting is a great way to make money as a social media influencer.

First, you need to decide what kind of podcast you want to start. If you’re looking to get started with a new business venture, then consider starting an interview-style podcast where you interview your favorite entrepreneurs and influencers. This type of podcast will allow you to connect with other people in your industry and build relationships with them.

If you’re looking for a more entertaining type of podcast, then consider starting a podcast where you talk about things that are relevant in today’s world such as politics, pop culture, etc. This type of podcast is great for keeping up-to-date on current events so that people can feel like they know what’s happening around them even when they aren’t reading the news each day.

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9. Create A Blog And Build An Email List

One of the best ways to make money as a social media influencer is to create a blog and build an email list.

The first step is to find your niche. Do you want to write about fashion? Or health? You can even create a blog that covers both, if you’re interested in both areas.

Then, start writing! You can write about whatever interests you—the best content is always going to be what you’re most passionate about.

Once you have some posts up, it’s time to start building your audience. This can be done through social media (i.e., Facebook and Instagram), but it’s also important to get involved with forums and communities where people are interested in what it is that you’re writing about.

Once you’ve built up some traffic on your site, it’s time to monetize! You can do this by selling things like ebooks or courses related to your niche using platforms like ClickBank or Gumroad.”

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10. Join An Influencer Network And Create Content For Them In Exchange For A Cut Of The Sales

Making money as a social media influencer can be a challenge. However, there are many ways to do it. One of the easiest ways is by joining an influencer network and creating content for them in exchange for a cut of the sales.

There are many influencer networks out there. They offer various services to help you grow your following and make more money from your followers.

The first step is to create an account with one of these networks and sign up for their service package which will include Instagram followers, Facebook likes, YouTube views and Twitter followers. Once you have signed up for their service package you can start promoting products from companies that want to reach your audience by posting about them on social media platforms like Instagram or YouTube videos that include links to purchase products directly from your profile page where people can follow along with what’s going on in your life while also seeing what brands/products you’re endorsing each day so they can purchase items similar to ones you endorse daily without having to search through various websites looking for something new each time they want something new because they already know what brand or product they like best!

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