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37 YouTube Channels that are both entertaining and informative

I love to watch YouTube videos because there is such a variety of things you can learn. Some of my favorite channels include Veritasium, Vsauce and TED. The channels listed above are both entertaining and informative. Everyone has a favorite list of YouTube for either information. With its huge pool of videos and new ones being created every second of the day, YouTube is an amazing place to learn new skills and find entertainment.

But like swimming in a pool of piranhas it can also be a dangerous place for your time which makes it hard to find what you’re looking for.

People love learning new things and watching YouTube is a great way to achieve this. In the same way that there are endless amounts of comic books, TV shows, movies, and a good amount of other content on YouTube, there are also services for teaching people about a variety of topics. This means that you can watch videos that benefit your personal and professional growth. Below is a list of channels that have helped me become a better marketer, so I hope they help you too.


List of 37 YouTube channels that are both entertaining and informative:
  1. TED-Ed
  2. Warikoo
  3. Ali Abdaal
  4. Veritasium
  5. Kurzgesagt
  6. Cold Fusion
  7. Mark Rober
  8. Mark Manson
  9. Matt D’Avella
  10. Thomas Frank
  11. Bloomberg Quicktale
  12. Wendover Productions
  13. Think school
  14. Pursuit of Wonder
  15. Einzelgänger
  16. Melodysheep
  17. Academy of Ideas
  18. Green Renaissance
  19. Sisyphus 55
  20. Let’s Talk Religion
  21. Lemmino
  22. Destiny
  23. Domain of Science
  24. Arvin Ash
  25. Zach Star
  26. The School of Life
  27. Parth G
  28. Soft White Underbelly
  29. Big Think
  30. Johnny Harris
  31. 3Blue1Brown
  32. MindYourDecisions
  33. Thoughty2
  34. Animagraffs
  35. Jakobmihailo
  36. Illneas
  37. Crazy Creatures
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There’s enough on YouTube to keep you busy for a very long time—and that’s not even counting the on-demand nature of the platform. Take advantage of it now, and you might find yourself in possession of a wealth of information that can prove invaluable in your journey as a designer. Best of all, there are thousands more channels out there that are just waiting to be discovered. So take some time to explore the YouTube realm, and you’ll discover discussions, tutorials, and reviews that will hone your skills and inspire your creativity.

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