10 Free Learning Programs away from school to enroll your child in

With your children at home, and schools closed you might be looking for educational program to keep them or yourself busy during this time, well there are plenty of free learning programs both online and offline you can enroll your child in. The good thing is you will not be charged to access these learning programs as they are free.

Research show that the more school going children stay at home; the more likely they are to forget what they had learned in school. Most students after school holidays they go back to school with less knowledge compared to what they had learned before.

Keeping them engaged at home will not only help them memorize and learn new things, but will also help them engaged and busy.

Here are a number of learning programs to enroll your children in

1. Free radio learning programs

The government broadcasting station in various countries have prepared learning programs in collaboration with the ministry of education to help learners at home learn and get engaged. These programs are tailored to offer out learning programs in accordance to the syllabus. KBC English service has such audio programs that run throughout the day. The EDU channel also prepares TV programs that offer learning programs to children at home. You can switch or tune to these programs and get your child learn. This method is absolutely free as all that you need is a radio set.

2. Free online e-learning

There are various platforms online that have established free learning programs for student. Longhorn publishers have established e-learning programs that will allow both primary and secondary students access learning materials for free.

3. Free online library

Free online library offers access to learning materials for learners from primary secondary and even university students to access learning materials. Free online library offers tons of research materials for learners. These can be one of the greatest tool you can use to keep your learners engaged. By searching on the internet you will be able to identify the available ones you can enroll in.

4. School Online learning programs

If your child learns in a school that has well-structured online learning programs, then you can take advantage of these programs while at home. These programs enables teachers share learning materials with students, assess learners and even give assignment to learners. Learners can directly engage their tutors via internet skype, through emailed assignment or audio recordings.

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5. Youtube Tutorials

Youtube is a great online platform that can help one learn through tutorials.  With Youtube you can search topics according to your area of learning, watch them or even save them to watch later. Youtube has tons of learning materials that can be of great help to learners. While looking for learning materials from Youtube, look for high quality productions. Productions that are split into various learning stages are highly recommended.

6. Home schooling

Home schooling is another form of learning that can be of great help to learners. Parents who have knowledge in the learning areas of their children can help them learn while at home. You can assign someone or a designated teacher to teach you while at home. Even though this method might require you to pay the teacher or the tutor, it is one of the most effective way to learn outside the school.

7. Religious Classes

Enrolling your child in religious classes can be one of the most effective way to keep your child engaged. Religious classes offer lessons tailored towards morals and religion teaching. Religious lessons are part of the syllabus in all schools and these can be the greatest platform to get your child learn.

8. Television Programs

Getting a television channel that airs learning programs can be on step in the right direction. TV programs keeps learners engaged and are a great resource for learners. These programs tackle topical lessons and can be a great deal for both a few and many learners. They are also one of the most affordable ways of learning since the learning materials are catered for and prepared by the program producers.

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9. Home Library

Developing a home library provides an ambience environment for students to learn. You can convert one of your rooms into a library. Provided you have the relevant learning materials these can be one of the greatest ideas to try.

10. Newspaper Education Columns

Newspapers are very great when it comes to giving out up to date information. However some newspapers dedicate a good number of their pages to provide learning materials for students. These columns may cover various subjects and topics. They also give assessment tests for students to gauge their understanding. By identifying a newspaper or publication that offer such services you can align your program to their production. Some publish educational materials daily some weekly and some do so on a monthly basis.


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