What You’ll Need To Become A Professional Photographer In 2022?

The photo industry is an extremely competitive and challenging one. The future poses several uncertainties, and the industry needs to keep up with the changes over time. However, it has been predicted that by 2022, photography will be a soaring profession, especially for those who want to take up careers as professional photographers.

It is because we are moving towards a technology-driven world, where every other person has their camera in their smartphones, not just smartphones technology, has also introduced us to different cameras, like solar security cameras, body camera, and many others. In fact, by 2018, smartphones will see more picture taking compared to point-and-shoot cameras. So if you wanted to become a professional photographer, then this could be your calling.

The following are the trends that will define this booming industry, especially in 2022:

1) DSLR camera ownership declining

We all remember the days when just about every household owned a high-quality digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera, so much so that even kids knew how to use them. However, these numbers have drastically changed over time, and by 2022, fewer than 50% of households will own DSLRs compared to 70% in 2013. Why is this happening? Because smartphone cameras are outshining dedicated cameras in many areas such as picture clarity and speed of processing images. LG has already removed its flagship phone’s ability to take pictures with its external lenses, thereby declaring war on the DSLR cameras, and this is just the beginning.

2. Hard Carry Case

Cameras and related equipment are expensive to buy. A for instance you will have to deep down your pocket to be able to acquire a good camera or a printer. Considering that cameras need to be carefully handled, you will need to buy a good quality Hard carry Case for this. This will make moving around with your cameras and camera equipment so easy and comfortable while at the same time protecting them.

hard carry case
Photo of a hard Carry Case: Image Courtesy
3) To be a professional photographer, you must know about shooting videos too

When we say that smartphones are outshining DSLRs, we cannot ignore one of their most prominent features: video shooting. Video quality has been on the rise, with HD and UHD formats garnering mass attention, and more than 50% of all photos taken in 2021 will be accompanied by a video. So if you want to become a professional photographer, your knowledge about making videos needs to equal to or match your stills skills.

4) Artificial intelligence & Augmented Reality:

We cannot deny that artificial intelligence and augmented reality have brought immense change, especially in the photographic industry. For example, in 2021, it is expected that there will be widespread use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in professional photography. Such as saturation and brightness controls enabled by AI, automatically detecting low light conditions and adjusting the settings accordingly to get the best shot.

On a broader scale, augmented reality has allowed photographers to add virtual objects into real-life images or videos where they don’t exist. This technology has brought about a new wave of creativity and allowed people to improve their visual art and storytelling skills further than ever before.

5) A decline of third party printing:

It is quite ironic how we have come full circle when printing photos at home rather than getting them printed from photo labs. Thanks to the increased popularity and affordability of home photo printers, it is expected that by 2021, more than half of all photos shot will be printed at homes. While this might look very attractive news to those who love printing pictures, it is not such a good trend for professional photographers because we know how quickly technology overtakes every other aspect today.

Photographers need to gear up to survive in the industry over time!

6) The rise of the lifestyle photographer:

According to statistics, there are about four times more weddings taking place around the world than any other event, which means wedding photographers will continue leading the pack when it comes to high revenue generation. However, what is most interesting (and still emerging) is the rise of lifestyle photographers who are known for capturing every moment of the action!

Wrapping Up!

So, if you are looking to become a professional photographer in 2021, you must stay updated with the latest industry trends before jumping on the bandwagon. While taking pictures will always remain an integral part of pro photography, other factors such as having strong organizational skills and knowledge about shooting videos (in addition to stills) will be critical for success. And lastly, even though printing photos at homes might seem like a lucrative trend but only time can tell how long it continues to flourish


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