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Useful USSD Codes For Specific Android Phones

In the diverse world of Android smartphones, the intricacies of each device can be as unique as the users who wield them. Whether you’re a Samsung Galaxy enthusiast, a Google Pixel aficionado, or an LG loyalist, navigating the distinct features and settings of your specific Android phone can sometimes be a puzzle. Fortunately, there exists a valuable tool known as USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes, which are tailored to the specific needs and functionalities of various Android models. These codes serve as your device’s secret codes, offering device-specific shortcuts to essential functions, diagnostics, and hidden settings that are not always apparent through the phone’s standard interface.

In this article, we’ll embark on a journey through the realm of device-specific USSD codes, exploring how they can unlock the full potential of your Android phone. Whether you’re seeking to troubleshoot issues, fine-tune your device’s performance, or access hidden features, these specialized codes are your key to a more personalized and efficient Android experience.

Useful USSD Codes For Specific Android Phones

These secret codes only work for specific brands and models:

  • 7764726 – Open the hidden services menu (Motorola Droid).
  • 1809#*990# – Open the hidden services menu (LG Optimus 2x).
  • 3845#*920# – Open the hidden services menu (LG Optimus 3D).
  • *#0*# – Open the hidden services menu (Samsung Galaxy S3).
  • *#011# – Display network connection and serving cell information (Samsung phones).


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