US Gifts Kenya 16 Refurbished Helicopters

On Thursday, the United States government announced its decision to donate 16 refurbished helicopters to Kenya to enhance the nation’s security operations.

As per a statement released by the White House, the donation will comprise 8 Huey choppers and 8 MD-500 helicopters.

Despite the agreement, Kenya will formally receive the US-manufactured helicopters between late 2024 and mid-2025.

These helicopters are intended to bolster Kenya’s capacity to ensure regional peace and security and to support its peacekeeping missions.

The United States is also committing to long-term investments in Kenya’s defense capabilities, focusing on enhancing border security and increasing maritime security awareness.

“The US has invested heavily in Kenya’s defense capabilities, providing over Ksh30 billion ($230 million) in civilian security and defense sector funding since 2020,” according to a statement from the White House.

To bolster Kenya’s efforts in combating terrorism, the US government and Kenya plan to sign an agreement to expand the Manda Bay Airfield in the Coastal region by constructing a 10,000-foot runway.

“The expanded facility will provide Kenya with the necessary infrastructure to increase operations against the terrorist group Al-Shabaab,” the White House disclosed.

Additionally, Kenya will receive a Ksh2.4 billion ($18.7 million) fund for counterterrorism efforts and to strengthen the criminal justice system’s capacity to address terrorism threats.

These funds will also be utilized to provide training, mentorship, and equipment to investigators, forensic examiners, law enforcement, court officials, and prosecutors.

“The programming also promotes the US strategy on women, peace, and security through specialized training and mentorship for female law enforcement officers in Kenya,” the US government announced.

Additionally, the US government announced that Kenya was in the process of joining Operation Gallant Phoenix, a program that advances multinational collaboration and sharing intelligence on terror.

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