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National ID application process in Kenya

Have you attained the age of 18 years or a above and you want to apply for the Kenya National Identification Card – ID card? Then this article is best suited for you.

We look at all the processes and steps involved when applying for an ID card in Kenya, from where you can get National ID application form all the way to getting your ID waiting card.

But first, how important is a National ID card?

A National Identification Card identifies you as a Kenyan nationality and it is almost impossible to access various services as an adult if you do not have a national ID.

Some of the services you will need to have an ID to access in Kenya includes; registration of a SIM card, passport application, bank account opening, accessing government services and the list is long.

So, who are eligible to apply for an ID in Kenya?

Eligibility for ID application in Kenya

The legal age for a Kenyan to apply for a National ID is 18 years. All Kenyan aged 18 years and above are eligible to apply for a National ID in Kenya. The National ID’s are issued to individuals who are Kenyans or were born in Kenyan, foreigners who apply for Kenyan citizenship are  usually issued with passports.

National ID Card Application Requirements

There are various documents that ID card applicants must have to be able to successfully apply for a national ID in Kenya. Below are some of the documents required when applying for an ID in Kenya.

1. Birth Certificate, birth notification or baptisim card.

This document are crucial as they are used by the Ministry if Immigration and Registration of Persons to ascertain your age, name, date of birth and other related details.

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2. Parents ID. You will need to have both copies of your parents ID’s before you can begin the application process. ID copies of both parents are required and in cases where one or both parents died, their death certificates will be used.

3. Two passport photo size.

In most cases this will be taken at the registrar of persons office during the application process.

4. National ID application form (Form 23).

This form can be obtained from the registrar of persons office, District Office or District Commissioner’s office.

Now that you have all the required documents and details, let’s take a walk through in the Kenya National ID application process.

National ID card application process in Kenya

Step 1: Get all the necessary documents in place.

Step 2: Get  form 23 (National ID application form from DO’s,  DC’s or the registrar of persons office.

Step 3: Fill the form 23 accordingly providing your details in relevant fields. Below are details you will have to fill in the National ID application form.

Your name, your date of birth, your gender, your father’s name, your mothers name, marital status, name and ID number of your spouse if you are married, your district of birth, your tribe, clan, family, home district, home division, constituency, location, sub location, village, estate, home address and occupation

Step 4: After providing your details appropriately, check the boxes for necessary documents according to what you have and tick accordingly.

Step 5: After confirming your details, append your signature on the National ID application form.

Step 6: Take your national ID application form to your chief’s office or assistant chief’s office for verification and signing. Upon identifying where you come from and your family in the locality, the assistant chief or chief will sign your application form

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Step: 7 Take your filled form to the area district officer for further verification and signing.

Step 8: With all the relevant authorities having certified your applications form. Take your application form to the ministry of Immigration and registration of persons. Here you will take your application to than registration of persons office.

The registrar of persons officer will go through your application form to ascertain that everything is perfectly done before your application in processed. Remember to attach all the documents mentioned earlier.

Step 9: Once your application is approved, your fingerprints will be processed.

Step 10: A passport photo will be taken to be attached to your application.

Step 11: A waiting card will then be issued to you as a confirmation that your national ID is being processed.

You will then be notified when your ID Will be ready for collection.

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What happens during ID card processing

Once your application has been submitted, the registrar of persons submits your application together with the attachments to the Immigration of persons head office in Nairobi.

Here, the details in your application will be run in national database and recorded. I formation on your parents will also be captured and aligned with your application before an ID is processed.

Your ID will be processed and a unique identifier number issued and printed on your ID card. This unique identifier number will be  your ID number and cannot be changed or altered.

Once the process is done and an ID printed in your name, it will them be send back to you for collection.

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How long does it take before an ID card is ready for collection?

Ideally it should take between three weeks to one month before an ID is ready for collection.

Where should I collect my ID card?

Once the national ID’s have been processed, they are send back to the various registrar of persons offices the application came from. From here, the registrar of persons dispatches the ready for collection IDs to the various DO’s offices in the locations and sub location.

To collect your ID, check with your District Officer. However in some cases the DO’s distributes the ready for collection ID’ s to chief’s who can easily be reached their residents for collection of ID’s

What should I carry during ID collection?

To collect your readily processed ID card, applicants must produce the waiting card issued to them at the time of application before an ID is issued to the respective owner.

Applicants are therefore asked to safety keep their waiting cards before they can get their ID’s.

Can I use a waiting card in place of an ID card?

Yes, you can use your waiting card in some places where your ID is needed. However, the waiting cards are limited to cases where you need to officially identity your self. In cases where an ID number is required, the waiting card will not help.

Upon the issuance of the waiting card, applicants are usually notified that a waiting card is not an official ID




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