Mash Poa Mombasa -Nairobi Bus Fare Charges, Online Booking, Office Location and Contacts

Mash Poa offers competitive fare prices for travelers from Mombasa to Nairobi.  In this article I will share Mash Poa Mombasa -Nairobi bus fare charges, online booking process, booking office location and contacts.

Mash Poa Mombasa -Nairobi Bus Fare Charges

To travel from Mombasa to Nairobi with mash poa, you will be charged Ksh. 1,500 for a regular bus fare ticket, Ksh. 1800 for a Business bus fare ticket and Ksh. 2200 for a VIP bus fare ticket. The prices may change depending on your time of travel.

How to book Mash Poa Online

To book Mash Poa online, visit the official Mash Poa official website. You can also download the Mash Poa mobile app form Google Play store or app store. Here you will be able to book the bus in advance and pay via Mpesa. Mash Poa also offers parcel delivery services.

Mash Poa Mombasa Office Location and Contacts

Call Centre:
+254 730 889 000
+254 733 623 260
+254 736 500 863

Nyali Caravan:
+254 723 463 685

Haile Selassie Caravan:
+254 717 088 588

Parcel Office:
+254 708 428 443

Makupa Office:
+ 254 701 775 666


  1. Mash Poa Nairobi -Mombasa Bus Fare Charges, Online Booking, Office Location and Contacts


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